Japanese toolmaker relies on VOLLMER sharpening technology 2018-03-15

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Japanese company Heiwa Sangyo based in Tokyo supplies key components for companies building planes, rockets and trains in the form of moulds. Moulds can be used to shape metal components or make castings. Heiwa Sangyo uses carbide cutting tools such as cutters, drills or reamers to machine these moulds. The company relies on the <link>VGrind grinding machine from VOLLMER for manufacturing and sharpening the cutting tools. The specialist for grinding and erosion machines equipped its <link>VGrind with automation solutions so that Heiwa Sangyo can machine its carbide tools unmanned and round the clock.

"We produce and sharpen moulds for our customers, who play a key role in the manufacturing industry, in order to shape or cast metal components", states CEO Dr.-Ing. Yasuhiro Yao of Heiwa Sangyo Co. Ltd. from Tokyo. "To machine the moulds, we use cutting tools which we manufacture and resharpen with the VOLLMER <link>VGrind grinding machine – umanned and round the clock."

Whether an engine block, a body, a turbine or a thread – anyone who wants to manufacture these components from metal needs moulds for precise machining. The Japanese company Heiwa Sangyo supplies moulds, i.e. important components, for the metalworking manufacturing industry worldwide. Whether customers need frames and engines for planes, components for high-speed trains or rocket parts, Heiwa Sangyo specialises in the simultaneous and multi-axis machining and manufacture of moulds.

The company has been active on the international market in the metalworking industry for over 50 years and now employs around 180 staff. It manufactures customised equipment, moulds and castings. Besides the headquarters in Tokyo, the company has three production sites in Funabashi, Ichikawa and Komagane. Heiwa Sangyo has established itself as an important business partner in heavy industry and counts well-known companies such as General Electric and Rolls Royce among its international customers.

The company uses cutting tools such as drills, cutters or reamers made from carbide for constructing moulds. In order to produce and resharpen these single-handedly, the company opted for the <link>VGrind tool grinding machine from VOLLMER. The VOLLMER machine performs multi-level machining via two vertical spindles. As a result, Heiwa Sangyo can manufacture its cutting tools precisely, both individually and in large quantities. Thanks to the automation with a pallet magazine, the <link>VGrind can be operated round the clock and unmanned.

"The <link>VGrind not only enables accurate production, but offers numerous other possibilities such as circular and cone grinding. An advantage that no other competitor has today", states Dr.-Ing. Yasuhiro Yao. "If you attempt, for example, to manufacture a ball cutter with a cone, the cone has to be machined first on a circular grinding machine in order to machine it on another grinding machine – the VOLLMER <link>VGrind does all this in one step."

Another reason for choosing the <link>VGrind from VOLLMER was that the Swabian sharpening specialist has its own subsidiary in Japan. This allows VOLLMER to provide local support to Heiwa Sangyo, whether for maintenance, repairs or training. The use of VOLLMER automated machines helps enable Heiwa Sangyo to secure the future of the company as a family-run business. With high-quality technology such as the <link>VGrind the company can offer added value and uniqueness, which also make Japan an efficient and successful production site.

"As a medium-sized company, Heiwa Sangyo has established itself as a reliable partner in global industries including aerospace, and continually invests in expanding its expertise and skills", states Dr. Stefan Brand, CEO of the VOLLMER Group. "We do our utmost to ensure that smaller companies also obtain a competitive edge with our sharpening technology, which in turn makes them fit for the future."

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