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Your reliable partner for financing your investments

Today's global competition requires maximum efficiency in all areas of the company – and continuous investment. Luckily, VOLLMER has the right technology solution for you, but also the ideal financing solution for your company. This means that you can actively shape the future of your company and at the same time allow flexibility for daily challenges – without any burdening capital commitment or exhausting your lines of credit, with a neutral balance sheet and whilst reducing taxes. The result is investment security at fixed calculable costs.

Financing options for your grinding machine

The only constant these days is change. How can I keep my VOLLMER machine software up-to-date? How can I adapt it to meet new demands? And what if I have to expand my machine stock at short notice? We will see to it that your investment in the future of your company will pay dividends today as well as tomorrow.

Choose the financing that suits your company best:

Start your new investment with low lease payments and decide only once the leasing period has expired whether you want to carry on using the machine, buy it or give it back. You benefit from variable terms, flexible purchase and extension options as well as from a liquidity-orientated instalment plan. In other words: From investment security to fixed calculable costs.


Advantages of lease finance

  • Favourable, user-compliant rates
  • Flexible option to extend contract
  • Attractive, constant lease payments
  • Improved machine hourly rate calculation
  • Option to purchase at end of lease

You immediately become the owner of the machine and can capitalise your investment in the new VOLLMER machine in fixed assets. The corresponding possibilities of depreciation and inclusion of available funds are at your disposal. You also benefit from variable terms and a liquidity-orientated instalment plan.


Advantages of hire purchase

  • User-compliant terms
  • Application of different depreciation options
  • Inclusion of funds
  • Favourable, fixed financing instalments

With VOLLMER credit financing, you own your new VOLLMER machine immediately and capitalise this as a fixed asset on your balance sheet. Corresponding depreciation options and available funds can be used or integrated. With user-compliant terms, credit financing can be tailored to your personal situation.


Advantages of credit financing

  • User-compliant terms
  • Application of different depreciation options
  • Inclusion of funds
  • Favourable, fixed financing instalments

Make yourself comfortable: VOLLMER financing

In combination with other service packages, e.g. machine insurance or a service contract, VOLLMER financing models guarantee sustainable profitability of the machine and high investment security.


Do you have any questions about financing and insurance for your VOLLMER grinding machines? Simply give us a call. Our specialists will be happy to advise you.

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