Innovative and ultra-precise equipment for saw mills

Wood as a sustainable material is on trend and more popular than ever. Good prospects for the wood industry and saw mills. On the one hand however, the sector faces a huge challenge with increasing price pressure and rising customer requirements.

What do the saw mills have to say about it? "The money is made on the cutting edge" – this insight is more relevant than ever. Result quality and machine operating times are significant factors for success. Maximum efficiency and productivity in the sharpening process is therefore of vital importance. VOLLMER makes for the perfect partner with its circular saw solutions!

Strong roots: VOLLMER and woodworking.

Thanks to our innovative solutions for circular saws teamed with our full offering of service and support options, we can help you equip your filing room with highly productive tools. In the extensive VOLLMER product portfolio, each saw mill is matched with the ideal machining tool.

From manually operated machines for simpler tasks through to fully automated solutions with sharpening centres in multi-shift operation. During development of our machines, simple operation and safety are critical benchmarks in addition to high productivity.

Intensive training of your staff is also an inherent part of our philosophy. We constantly strive to improve efficiency in the sharpening room of your saw mill with innovative products and services.

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