Carbide grinding machines for ultra-precise rotary tools

When brittle, metal hard materials coalesce with relatively soft metals, primarily from the iron family (iron, cobalt, nickel), then a material characterised by a high level of hardness yet also viscosity is created, known as carbide.

Its huge resistance to wear and capacity to withstand even massive physical loads make it a much sought-after material in many sectors: Including mechanical engineering, the automotive, steel or food industry.

Machining processes such as rotating, milling, drilling, engraving and grinding are almost inconceivable without carbide. It is also used in non-cutting forming or for protection against wear. In the field of tool manufacturing, carbide is mainly used for indexable inserts, as solid carbide rods or in the form of precision tools.

Advantages of carbide grinding with VOLLMER

  • More precision – be impressed by the uncompromising accuracy
  • More efficiency – experience productivity on a new level
  • More user comfort – simplify your work
  • More flexibility – for precision in any format desired

Machining carbide more efficiently

For the most common machining process – grinding carbide – the correct grinding wheel granulation, adjusted grinding parameters and an optimum grinding pressure are vital parameters to guarantee maximum tool performance.

For significantly higher productivity during grinding without compromising on quality, VOLLMER's VGrind grinding machine has provided a solution which immediately set new standards.

Thanks to innovative kinematics, which are controlled via two vertical spindles, various different milling and drilling tools can be produced quickly and precisely in large volumes.

VGrind 360S

The VGrind 360S – the new standard for the complete machining of rotationally symmetric solid carbide tools of up to 100 mm.

VGrind 340S

Grinding machine for the complete machining of carbide tools upwards of 0.3 mm in diameter

VGrind 260

Grinding machine for complete machining of rotary tools with maximum flexibility

VGrind neon & VGrind argon

The two special editions for that perfect VOLLMER touch

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