CHC 840 // CHC 1300 Flexible sharpening machine for carbide-tipped circular saw blades


The CHC series is ideally equipped for sharpening carbide-tipped circular saw blades. Offering versatility that leaves nothing to be desired, yet with numerous options.

  • Four CNC-controlled axes for the complete machining of all commonly used tooth geometries in just one cycle – even for saws with axial angle and group toothing
  • Oscillation grinding as standard – for high material removal rates in just one cycle, e.g. when machining teeth for repair
  • Motor-driven hook and clearance angle adjustment for rapid switchover from tooth face to tooth top
  • Optimum movement coordination for short grinding times and reduced non-productive times
  • Consistently hydraulic-free – extremely low-maintenance
  •  Automatic central lubrication included in the basic equipment for reduced maintenance costs


Its high level of variability and functionality makes the CHC series the first choice in each case for the workshop-orientated sharpening of circular saw blades in the processing of aluminium, plastic and, in particular, wood. Can be flexibly used by sharpening services, small batch manufacturers and, of course, saw mills. Thanks to the diagonally installed feed pawl with pneumatic lift, even chipper segments present no problem – even if these are screwed with or without a reinforcing ring onto the sharpening devices manufactured specially for this purpose, often also with filler pieces in order to fill the gaps in the body. 

  • Wide-opening blade clamping mechanism as standard for saws with collar or reinforcing ring
  • Optional second feed pawl for machining tooth pitches up to 180 mm
  • Optional hollow face grinding device for machining hollow face saws


The modern operating concept with the new multifunction handwheel makes work significantly easier and faster. The axes are selected and moved by only one module, which is very helpful for avoiding the possibility of incorrect operation. The handwheel is also used as a potentiometer in order to be able to carry out speed adjustments in automatic mode.

  • Optimised machining times and surface quality through variable input of the grinding speeds for different surfaces
  • No tooth pitch input required thanks to the feed pawl sensor system
  • Automatic adjustment of the hook angle and clearance angle through digital detection avoids adjustment errors


  • MORE PRODUCTIVITY: Optimised grinding times, maximum machining precision, exemplary operational convenience – for workshop-orientated working
  • MORE EFFICIENCY: High performance under extremely equitable conditions
  • MORE FLEXIBILITY: Four CNC axes. Machine all tooth geometries in one cycle 

Sharpening machine for circular saws // VOLLMER CHC 840 and CHC 1300


CHC 840 // CHC 1300
CHC 840 // CHC 1300

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