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Increase workpiece-specific performance, exploit potential to the full: With smart software tools.


More efficient, more economic, more flexibility.

Our erosion machine has a trick up its sleeve in terms of efficiency: You can activate additional performance gains whilst eroding when and where you need them. VOLLMER has developed the Performance Packages for QXD 250 and VHybrid 260 machines for when you need the little extra boost. Depending on your tool geometry and your machining requirements, the Performance Packages can offer increased efficiency on your machine, thus significantly cutting processing times.

The performance gains are however dependant on the parameters of the tool in question. Hence the performance package can be deployed with full flexibility: If you want to machine a specific tool faster, activate the package, and when finished, simply deactivate it again. The billing model can be flexibly adapted to the customer's needs by means of hourly quotas.

Example: Jointing Cutter


Example: Profile Chipper

Example: Shank Tool


QXD Performance Package
QXD Performance Package

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