VOLLMER starts "fullliner" campaign 2020-04-22

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The three "1"s of the company's 111th anniversary and the three "L"s in "fullliner" represent its three technologies – grinding, eroding and lasers. For its campaign, VOLLMER has playfully and memorably coined words and phrases such as "powerfulll" and "alll options". The previous existing technologies, comprising grinding and erosion machines, are now rounded off by the VLaser 270 laser machine to form a trio of technologies. In addition, as a fullliner, VOLLMER offers innovative services, which include maintenance, financing, training and IoT applications.

"Our company was founded 111 years ago and we are taking this as an opportunity to position ourselves as a fullliner for the first time" says Dr Stefan Brand, CEO of the VOLLMER Group. "Thanks to our grinding, eroding and laser machinery, we are now able to advise our customers and offer individual solutions including services and automation settings – irrespective of which sharpening technology is used." 

One fullliner with three sharpening technologies 
VOLLMER is making its new fullliner range transparent, through a global campaign focussed on the three sharpening processes of grinding, eroding and lasers. To convey its messages in words and images, VOLLMER is using the three "L"s in the term "fullliner" to symbolise the three different technologies. The three "1"s also represent the 111 years since 1909 during which the traditional Swabian company has been successful on the international market of sharpening technology. Since the 1980s, VOLLMER has been manufacturing erosion machines which can machine the PCD (polycrystalline diamond) cutting edges of tools with either a copper tungsten disk or a wire. In 2014, the machine manufacturer put its first Tool and Cutter grinding machine on the market. The machine could be used to sharpen carbide tools such as drills, milling cutters and reamers with precision. Now using the energy of the laser light and linear drive technology, tool manufacturers can machine their PCD-tipped tools with precision and efficiency. VOLLMER offers an extensive range of automation settings for all machine types. These allow for unmanned manufacturing around the clock.

Services complete the range
VOLLMER's range is rounded off by a compact package of services, from consultation to IoT applications. In addition to providing traditional services, such as training, financing, maintenance and repair, VOLLMER has been substantially expanding its V@dison digital initiative since 2019. With V@dison, VOLLMER is combining digital solutions for Industry 4.0 and the IoT (Internet of Things). The company's objectives are to efficiently network machines, to use industry standards and to optimise maintenance and repair by using apps. For the first time, in spring VOLLMER is showcasing an app for smartphones and tablets which customers can use to connect to the VOLLMER help desk online. Its video function can record images from a machine in real time and can share them around the world with the VOLLMER service team. 

"With our fullliner campaign, we want to make clear how we will devote our full attention to the area of sharpening both now and in the future. We want to show in a concise and understandable way how grinding, eroding and lasers can successfully complement each other in tool machining," says Ingo Wolf, Head of Marketing Services at VOLLMER. 

VOLLMER starts "fullliner" campaign
VOLLMER starts "fullliner" campaign
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