EMO 2021: Raising the curtain on the new VOLLMER VGrind 360S 2021-10-04

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The Swabian sharpening specialist VOLLMER is celebrating a global premiere at EMO 2021 in Milan: The machine manufacturer is presenting its new VGrind 360S grinding machine for the first time, which can be used to automate the efficient machining of carbide tools such as drills, milling cutters or reamers. The machine is a further development of the VGrind 340S with a higher torque and more flexible automation options. Thanks to optimised linear induction motors, a plate heat exchanger and, for the first time ever, spindle indexing, the VGrind 360S will be especially beneficial for tool manufacturers developing and producing cutting tools for the automotive, toolmaking, medical engineering or aerospace sectors, to name just a few.

Biberach-based sharpening specialist VOLLMER is continuing the success story of its VGrind series. The new VGrind 360S tool grinding machine can be used to sharpen rotary carbide tooling with a diameter of up to 100 millimetres. The most important highlights are the efficient linear drives, the optimised plate heat exchanger and spindle indexing integrated as a brand-new feature. The higher torque means that the VGrind 360S is also suitable for complex grooving operations in larger diameter ranges.

Three innovative technologies for increased precision

Just like all other VGrind models, the VGrind 360S also has two grinding spindles situated above each other, with the grinding wheel set positioned at the C axis pivot point for efficient multi-layer machining. This arrangement reduces the machining times thanks to shorter linear-axis travel distances.

Inside the VGrind 360S, wear-free linear induction motors on the X, Y and Z axes guarantee lasting consistency of machining quality and lower maintenance costs for the sharpening machine. All VGrind models employ a plate heat exchanger to effectively cool their spindles and motors. This increases the machine's thermal stability, improving both the precision and the performance of the grinding processes in the long term.

For the first time ever, the double-spindle concept of the VGrind 360S features spindle indexing. This means that the grinding machine is equipped with an oriented spindle holder, which always stops the spindle in exactly the same position for grinding wheel replacement. This further reduces the number of planing and run-out errors on the grinding wheel packages.

Tried-and-tested VGrind technology

The wall concept of the VGrind 360S is characterised by its rigid and compact design, which ensures that operators have optimum access and a clear overview. The tool grinding machines features the proven VOLLMER operating concept with a height-adjustable touchscreen and a clearly laid out 19" screen. The grinding-wheel changer is designed for up to eight HSK 50 grinding wheel sets and both grinding spindles can be loaded with complete flexibility. The automation solutions for unmanned machining around the clock consist of the HP 160 pallet magazine, the HPR 250 free-arm robot and the HC4 chain magazine.

"With the VGrind 360S, we have made another innovative advance in the machining of carbide tools and were able to make the machine even more efficient with regard to machining times and precision," remarks Dr Stefan Brand, CEO of the VOLLMER Group. "Tool manufacturers can configure and equip the machine to suit their individual machining processes, whether they are making special tools or producing tools in large quantities."

EMO 2021: Raising the curtain on the new VOLLMER VGrind 360S
EMO 2021: Raising the curtain on the new VOLLMER VGrind 360S
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