VOLLMER puts together PCD package for improved performance 2019-02-19

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The Swabian sharpening specialist VOLLMER has further optimised the machining processes for PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tools for its QXD 250 erosion machine. With its new performance package, VOLLMER is reducing the machining time and therefore significantly increasing the efficiency of the machine. This is achieved through the seamless interaction between generator technology, process parameters, gap evaluation and drive technology in the QXD 250. The company is offering a new payment model for this, which can be individually adapted to customer requirements. The performance package is part of VOLLMER's new V@dison initiative for further advancing its digital strategy.

"Thanks to their resistance, PCD tools have a crucial role in machining metal and composite materials," explains Dr Stefan Brand, CEO of the VOLLMER Group. "We have an extensive range of products for manufacturers of PCD tools, including the QXD 250 disc erosion machine, which we intensively worked on to achieve process optimisation. We are now offering a new performance package consisting of software and hardware, which can be used to significantly improve machine performance when it comes to efficiency."

With the QXD 250, different PCD tools can be sharpened accurately in just one set-up. The VPulse EDM generator technology ensures excellent surface quality at the highest material removal rate. In addition to the comprehensive software available for PCD tools with inserts, the ExLevel Pro software permits hybrid sharpening (eroding and grinding) of cylindrical slugs with sintered or soldered-in PCD to produce drills, mills and reamers.

The newly developed performance package for the QXD 250 is aimed at both existing and future customers and offers cost-efficiency benefits thanks to the optimised interaction of generator technology, process parameters, gap evaluation and drive technology.

VOLLMER can retrofit the package, consisting of a software and hardware component, on any QXD 250 that is being used by a customer. Implementation is performed on-site by a service technician, who checks the machine's condition and technical requirements. VOLLMER's service also includes a test phase, during which users can test the efficiency of the performance package for their application areas on the QXD 250 without high costs and without risk.

The performance package is one of the first products from VOLLMER's new V@dison digital initiative, which aims to integrate the machine construction company's grinding and erosion machines in an IoT (Internet of Things) environment in order to help tool manufacturers implement their Industry 4.0 projects.

"We have designed this product so that it is flexible, enabling it to be activated as required – depending on whether or not the customer would like to use it for certain tools," explains Dr Stefan Brand. "The billing model is also new. After paying a flat-rate installation fee for the software and hardware, charges are based on the pay-per-use model. This means that a certain amount is due for each hour of use. For this, the customer buys a customised hourly quota from VOLLMER. No costs are incurred when the performance package is not activated."

VOLLMER puts together PCD package for improved performance
VOLLMER puts together PCD package for improved performance
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