VOLLMER launches Visual Support 2020-03-31

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The sharpening specialist VOLLMER is offering direct online communication with its help desk in the form of its new "Visual Support" service. Encrypted video and audio channels link customers to technicians in real time. Live streaming means that the help desk and on-site team share the same view of the mechanical and electrical areas of a grinding or erosion machine. The addition of remote access also enables direct access to the machine. This service package makes it possible to identify faults quickly, visually assist with service tasks and reliably respond to application-related questions.

With the new Visual Support, a remote desktop connection or web-based full HD video and audio communication can be established. By using these apps, the VOLLMER help desk has another channel for direct communication with our customers and is therefore expanding its existing options, such as e-mail, phone or personal on-site support. 

Visual Support is part of the V@dison initiative, in which VOLLMER is combining its digital solutions for Industry 4.0 and the IoT (Internet of Things). The newly launched live transmission is based on the oculavis SHARE service solution and can be used on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or smart glasses. Thanks to live streaming, the VOLLMER expert can be right where they need to be on site and can provide the customer with targeted instructions. Integrated functions such as screen sharing or white board make communication precise and straightforward. The process can be tracked transparently for both parties and multiple participants can be involved if necessary. Since all participants can see the same thing via Visual Support, misunderstandings in communication are reduced, faults are identified quickly and questions are answered more effectively. Ideally, on-site deployments can be reduced. The apps also offer the option for tailored online training sessions, turning customers themselves into experts. 

"Visual Support not only saves on travel costs but also reduces waiting times and can be accessed with a simple click," states Dr Stefan Brand, CEO of the VOLLMER Group. "We opted for oculavis, as the app is established on the market as a mature system that has won multiple awards. The solution is not specific to any one manufacturer and, in addition to being installed on smartphones and tablets, can also be used with smart glasses for hands-free working."

VOLLMER launches Visual Support
VOLLMER launches Visual Support
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