ultraTEC deburring machine A25 is product of the year 2023 2023-05-15

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The trade magazine INDUSTRIAL Production has awarded the products of the year 2023: First place in the "Metalworking" category went to the A25 ultrasonic deburring system developed by ultraTEC innovation GmbH. The digitally controlled system can remove disruptive burrs or fibres from metal or plastic parts automatically and contact-free. ultraTEC innovation belongs to the Biberach-based VOLLMER Group

"It was our readers who chose the products of the year 2023," explains Andreas Mühlbauer, Editor-in-Chief of the trade magazine INDUSTRIAL Production. "I am particularly pleased that the A25 from ultraTEC innovation is among them because the idea of ultrasonic deburring won an award at 'Jugend forscht' just four years ago and is already available to the metal industry as a mature technology."

A25 wins the "Metalworking" category

INDUSTRIAL Production received around 7700 online votes between the end of 2022 and January 2023 – voting took place in six categories. ultraTEC innovation GmbH received the most votes in the "Metalworking" category for its A25 ultrasonic deburring system. Since July 2022, the start-up – which was founded in the southwestern German town of Laupheim in 2019 – has been part of the international VOLLMER Group from Biberach an der Riß. The award was presented to ultraTEC CEO Dieter Münz and VOLLMER CEO Dr Stefan Brand at a ceremony in Haar near Munich on 30th March 2023. The local company Weka Business Medien GmbH is the publisher and editor of the trade magazine INDUSTRIAL Production, for which Editor-in-Chief Andreas Mühlbauer gave the laudatory speech for the award winners.

Oscillating sonotrode removes burrs

The heart of the A25 is a patented sonotrode that is firmly anchored in a process water tank and deburrs metal or plastic components automatically and contact-free. Stimulated by a generator, the sonotrode oscillates back and forth 20,000 times per second over 0.1 millimetres. The process allows burrs and fibres to be oscillated and removed in a process-safe manner. The range of components to be machined extends from microparts for the optics or watchmaking industry, and precision tools for machining, right through to 20-kilogram elements of the kind required in mechanical engineering or vehicle construction.

"For us, the award is not only a special honour, but also confirmation that we are making an important contribution to metalworking with ultrasonic deburring," explains Dieter Münz, CEO of ultraTEC innovation. "Our A25 ultrasonic deburring system in particular stands out not only thanks to its precision, contact-free design and energy efficiency, but also thanks to its automated processing around the clock."

ultraTEC deburring machine A25 is product of the year 2023
ultraTEC deburring machine A25 is product of the year 2023
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