Ligna 2023: Vollmer demonstrates its precise sharpening for wood and co. 2023-04-04

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The Ligna woodworking trade fair will open its doors in Hanover from 15 to 19 May 2023.Vollmer, the sharpening specialist, will travel from Biberach in Swabia with several machines and handling systems.Located at stand B58 in hall 27, the machine builder will be showing automated grinding machines for carbide-tipped circular saws and rotary tools, regardless of whether these are made of carbide, PCD (polycrystalline diamond) or other cutting materials Vollmer will also provide information on maintenance and training services and on its digital V@dison solutions. With its machines and services, the full-line supplier ensures the precise cutting of wood as it is processed in the saw mill or used in furniture construction and house building.

In the wood industry, circular saws, drills or milling cutters are indispensable for the efficient processing of wood and composite materials. Visitors to the Ligna 2023 woodworking trade fair can find out how these tools can be machined with the highest precision at the international sharpening specialist Vollmer. From 15 to 19 May, the company will be providing comprehensive insights into its range of machines with which customers can machine their circular saws and rotary tools - regardless of whether these are made of carbide, PCD (polycrystalline diamond) or other cutting materials. Automation enables unmanned 24/7 shifts and digital V@dison solutions optimise tool machining and increase transparency through the rapid availability of machine data and information.

Customised circular saws are in demand in the saw mill

At the Ligna trade fair, Vollmer's focus will be on the carbide-tipped circular saw, among other things. It plays a central role in saw mills when it comes to automated wood cutting on chipping and profiling lines. On these lines, round timber is processed into edged sawn goods such as squared timber, planks, boards or battens in one operation. The circular saws used are mostly customised special designs with
different cutting widths, log thicknesses, diameters and tooth pitches. These can be completely sharpened in a single set-up with the Vollmer CS 860 and CSF 860 grinding machines. The machines independently recognise the geometry of a saw tooth and grind it to the desired dimension with the highest precision. With an ND handling system, the circular saws can also be processed unmanned and around the clock.

Grinding and eroding machines for drills and milling cutters

In addition to circular saws, drills and milling cutters are also used for cutting wood and composite materials. Vollmer has developed its VGrind grinding machines to produce rotary tools such as these from carbide. They have two vertically configured grinding spindles and allow efficient multi-level machining. This time, the VGrind argon will be at the Ligna trade fair.

The VHybrid 260 grinding and eroding machine also features multi-level machining, with the lower spindle capable of both grinding and eroding. Thanks to a new V@dison solution, the VHybrid 260 achieves a surface finish of 0.05 µm/Ra (micron/centre roughness value) when eroding PCD tools. Also on show at Ligna is the QXD 250 disc erosion machine, which is suitable for sharpening PCD tools with diameters of up to 320 millimetres and weights of up to 25 kilograms.

Vollmer provides information about its services

Vollmer's presence at the Ligna trade fair will be completed with services for maintenance, servicing, training, financing and digitalisation. Among them are the offers of the V@dison digital initiative, which include, for example, the "Performance Package for VHybrid 260" V@ boost solution.

"Finally, we can talk to our customers from the timber industry in person again at Ligna," says Jürgen Hauger, Managing Director of the Vollmer Group. "We want to use the wood trade fair to show our guests the latest innovations from Vollmer, including the CS 860 and CSF 860 grinding machines or the booster solution for the VHybrid 260."

Ligna 2023: Vollmer demonstrates its precise sharpening for wood and co.
Ligna 2023: Vollmer demonstrates its precise sharpening for wood and co.
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