GrindTec 2020: Laser light makes VOLLMER a full-line supplier 2020-10-01

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Coronavirus has meant that GrindTec 2020 was postponed for 8 months, making the trade fair appearance of Biberach sharpening specialist VOLLMER even more exiting: What until now has only been talked about and written about can now be seen live. As a premiere, the machine concept of the new VLaser 270 is presented live on-site for the first time. The laser machine rounds off VOLLMER's range of grinding and erosion machines, making the Swabian machine manufacturer a full-line supplier of sharpening technologies, whether rotary tools, circular saws or metal-cutting band saws.

Although the coronavirus pandemic has changed many things, VOLLMER's motto for GrindTec 2020 from 10th to 13th November 2020 remains the same: All good things come in threes! As a full-line supplier, the sharpening specialist is presenting the three technologies – grinding, eroding and laser machining – at its trade fair stand in Hall 1. With these, VOLLMER can always deliver the optimum sharpening solution, independently of the process, in order to fully machine rotary tools, circular saws and band saws. And thanks to corresponding automation, the VOLLMER machines are unmanned and ready for use around the clock. VOLLMER's most recent innovation is the VLaser 270 laser machine. Using the power of the light and linear drive technology, PCD-tipped (polycrystalline diamond) tools can be precisely machined. 

VLaser 270 is based on innovative VOLLMER kinematics
At the core of the VLaser 270 laser machine is its fixed laser beam guidance with innovative machine kinematics. The way in which the five axes are arranged means that the tool is always machined at the pivot point of the C axis. This makes it possible to machine tools with minimal axis movement and to ensure stable process control. At the same time, the kinematics enables high path accuracy, which has a positive impact on the machining accuracy and quality of the tools. The VLaser 270 can be optionally equipped with a counter point to achieve even higher concentricity. This makes the VLaser 270 the first laser machine on the market to have such a counter point. 

VGrind 340S for machining small diameters 
The new VGrind 340S is one of the party, which has been specially developed for producing and resharpening the smallest of carbide tools with a diameter of between 0.3 and 12.7 millimetres. The machine relies on tried-and-tested VGrind technology: It features two vertical spindles for different grinding wheel sets, which makes it possible to reduce non-productive times. Five perfectly harmonised CNC axes achieve interpolation with short travel distances for the linear and rotary axes, which in turn reduces the time required to machine workpieces. In addition to the rotary axes, the linear axes are also designed as direct drives (linear drives) for the first time. 

VHybrid 360 combines the best of two worlds 
The VHybrid 360 grinding and erosion machine is also new from VOLLMER. With this machine, tool manufacturers can grind and erode various carbide and PCD tools, combined in one set-up. This machine combines technologies and experience that VOLLMER has gained in the fields of grinding and eroding over many decades. The key component is the Vpulse EDM erosion generator, which sets new standards when it comes to efficiency and surface quality. From the world of grinding, the ultra-modern machine concept of the VGrind series ensures high precision in tool machining. 
CHX 840 sharpens circular saws with high precision 
Traditionally, VOLLMER is strongly represented when it comes to sharpening machines for machining carbide-tipped circular saw blades. On the global grinding technology market, the VOLLMER machines abbreviated as CHX, CHP, CHF and CHD are some of the best-sellers. The CHX 840 with automation can be seen at GrindTec, with which sharpening shops, saw mills or furniture producers can sharpen carbide-tipped circular saw blades with a diameter of 840 millimetres. Thanks to five CNC-controlled axes, the CHX 840 can machine saw blades with all common tooth geometries – this also applies to sawing with axial angle and group toothing. 

Service package and digital services
At the GrindTec trade fair stand, VOLLMER will also be giving information about its service package for training, finance, maintenance and repair. With the digital initiative V@dison, the full-line supplier brings together applications for Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things) to connect people and machines. A new arrival is the app "Visual Support", with which the user can contact the VOLLMER help desk directly. 

"There is no doubt that we had all imagined it differently, but COVID-19 thoroughly disrupted the schedule for presenting our 2020 innovations," says Dr Stefan Brand, CEO of the VOLLMER Group. "We are looking forward to being able to greet our customers and visitors live again at GrindTec in Augsburg in November all the more – of course with appropriate hygiene measures." 

GrindTec 2020: Laser light makes VOLLMER a full-line supplier
GrindTec 2020: Laser light makes VOLLMER a full-line supplier
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