EMO 2021: VOLLMER showcases new machines in Milan 2021-07-26

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The EMO 2021 in Milan will be Biberach-based sharpening specialist VOLLMER's first appearance at a European trade fair for two years. From 4th to 9th October, the machinery manufacturer will be presenting its sharpening machines and digital solutions for efficient and networked machining of cutting tools – no matter whether they're tipped with carbide or PCD (polycrystalline diamond). Major highlights on show at the EMO include the VHybrid 260 grinding and erosion machine as well as the VLaser 370 laser machine, which will make its first live appearance at the EMO due to the corona restrictions. There will also be a world premiere in the form of the new VGrind 360S tool grinding machine.

When the EMO 2021 in Milan throws open its doors, Biberach-based sharpening specialist VOLLMER will take its place on a trade fair for the first time in Europe since the coronavirus pandemic began. From 4th to 9th October 2021, visitors to stand E18/F13 in Hall 2 can gain insights into the latest VOLLMER portfolio of sharpening machines and services. The machinery manufacturer is on hand with information about its wide range of grinding, erosion and laser machines for machining milling cutters, drill bits, reamers, circular saws and band saws. No matter what the process, the full-line supplier always has the ideal sharpening solution for sharpening tools tipped with carbide or PCD – also incorporating automation for unmanned production around the clock. 

VGrind 360S – the latest addition to the machinery range 
The newest model of VOLLMER grinding machines is the VGrind 360S, which can be used productively to machine carbide tools with a diameter of up to 25.4 millimetres. Depending on the machine kinematics and the tipping of the grinding wheel packages, it can even be used for tools up to 150 mm diameter. Wear-free linear induction motors on all three axes mean lower maintenance costs for the machine and higher surface quality for the tool. The tried-and-tested double-spindle concept features an oriented spindle stop for the first time, which always stops the spindle at a specific position – this function is also known as spindle indexing. This reduces the axial run-out errors and concentricity errors even further and offsets wear in the HSK holding system. Another new feature is a plate heat exchanger to efficiently cool motors and spindles, which in turn leads to increased thermal stability. The VGrind 360S incorporates VOLLMER's trusted operating concept and can be operated unmanned around the clock thanks to automation features such as pallet magazine, free-arm robot and chain magazine. 

Premiere of the VLaser 370 at the EMO
The VOLLMER VLaser 370 machine will, restrictions permitting, have its premiere in Milan – its first live appearance will be at a trade fair. The VLaser 370 uses the power of laser to contactlessly sharpen the cutting edges of cutting tools made of PCD or other ultra-hard materials. At the core of the machine is its fixed laser beam guidance with precision machine kinematics. The way in which the five axes are arranged means that the tool is always machined at the pivot point of the C axis. This makes it possible to sharpen tools with minimal axis movement and to ensure stable process control. 

Precision grinding and eroding with the VHybrid 260 
Also on show at the EMO will be the VHybrid 260 grinding and erosion machine, which tool manufacturers can use to grind and erode a wide range of carbide and PCD tools in one combined set-up. The VHybrid 260 combines technologies and experience that VOLLMER has gained in the fields of grinding and eroding over many decades. The key component for the eroding process is the VPulse EDM erosion generator, which optimises efficiency and surface quality. For grinding operations, the VHybrid 260 features the tried-and-tested machine concept of the VGrind series.

Comprehensive service package from VOLLMER 
The trade fair will also be attended by the Services division, presenting offers for maintenance, servicing, training, financing and digitalisation. These include digital solutions from VOLLMER's V@dison initiative, such as the "Performance Pack for VHybrid 260" V@ boost solution or the "Visual Support" V@ guide solution, which enables customers to connect with VOLLMER technicians in real time. 

"At the EMO in Milan, we finally have the chance to meet and speak with our customers in person again and show them the latest innovations from VOLLMER," says Jürgen Hauger, CEO of the VOLLMER Group. "Under the umbrella term of "Networking", our focus is not only on personal contact, but also on the digital connection between sharpening machines and online maintenance services and offers such as our online seminars, which we also hope to be able resume after the corona pandemic."

EMO 2021: VOLLMER showcases new machines in Milan
EMO 2021: VOLLMER showcases new machines in Milan
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