VOLLMER VDays focus on efficient processes 2023-06-14

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Sharpening specialist VOLLMER opened its doors for its "VDays 2023" in-house trade fair in Biberach for three days. Customers, suppliers and partners had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of grinding, eroding and laser machines with keynote speeches, specialist talks and product demonstrations. Around 400 visitors from all around the world attended the event, which not only focussed on automation and digitalisation, but also efficient production using sustainable processes.

"We're very satisfied with the popularity of and interest in our VDays," says Jürgen Hauger, CEO at the VOLLMER Group. "In particular, we all enjoyed the face-to-face conversations that we were able to have with our customers and partners in numerous encounters during the VDays."

Keynote speeches address efficient production processes

The global industry is currently grappling with the matter of manufacturing tools efficiently and sustainably. This issue was brought to the table during the first keynote speech of the Vollmer VDays. Christian Heller from the Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools at Leibniz University Hanover spoke about grinding PcBN shank-type tools with efficient use of resources. The second keynote speech, made by Professor Dr.-Ing. Hans-Christian Möhring from the University of Stuttgart's Institute for Machine Tools, discussed how both performance and sustainability could be increased through the use of innovative sawing technologies. At the VDays event, sharpening specialist VOLLMER provided information about its own sustainability strategy, which the machine manufacturer summarises with its slogan "Sustainable sharpening. Because the future demands precision". In its product development, the Biberach-based provider of technology and services above all focuses on service life, energy efficiency, automation, use of resources, digitalisation, services and reuse to ensure that its sharpening machines can be manufactured and operated with greater efficiency.

Specialist talks highlight how to use sharpening machines optimally

Over the course of other VDays presentations, Vollmer product managers and engineers explained the sharpening technologies for various grinding, erosion and laser machines, as well as their potential applications in the woodworking and metalworking industries. This also included the latest innovations in tool manufacturing, such as the VLaser 370 laser machine, VGrind series tool grinding machines and the VHybrid 260 grinding and erosion machine. On the other hand, both the CS 860 and the CSF 860 grinding machines are suitable for sustainably sharpening circular saws. These machines can be used to machine the tooth face, tooth top and flanks of carbide-tipped circular saw teeth with high precision, energy efficiency and automation.

"Together with partner companies at the VDays, we managed to map the entire process chain in tool manufacturing and indicate how important digitalisation, automation and process efficiency are to tool grinding," says Dr Stefan Brand, CEO of VOLLMER. "These trends offer opportunities for differentiation and competitive advantages both for our customers and for ourselves, which is why we show great dedication in promoting innovation in these areas."

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