VOLLMER Connects With MACH Visitors 2022-04-25

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The pace of development at VOLLMER is a sight to behold, and for UK industry engineers that have missed the chance to investigate the latest technology due to Covid – MACH certainly proved the location to re-connect. At the EMO Show last autumn, VOLLMER introduced the new VGrind 360S grinding machine as well as other new technologies. MACH 2022 was the UK exhibition premiere of the new VGrind 360S - and it certainly drew the attention of show visitors.

The new VGrind 360S grinding machine for the complete machining of carbide rotary tools appeared alongside the VOLLMER CHX/HS and the Loroch Powerstar machines for sharpening circular saw blades, and all machines warranted their position on the stand with several machine sales and a high number of enquiries from UK manufacturers of rotary carbide and PCD cutting tools and circular saw blades. For engineers that didn’t get a chance to visit MACH, VOLLMER has a real treat at the forthcoming GrindingHub show in May – no fewer than five new machine tools will receive their world premiere launches at the inaugural European grinding exhibition.

Commenting upon the MACH 2022 exhibition, VOLLMER UK Managing Director, Mr Peter Allen says: “There was a lot of scepticism in the run-up to MACH after Brexit and Covid having an impact on the industry, but we made the commitment to exhibit and we are delighted that we did. It wasn’t just a great opportunity to demonstrate our latest technology, it was fantastic to interact with both new and existing customers. The return of face-to-face meetings with our customers and the wider industry as well as having the stage to showcase our latest technology was invaluable.“

“It was also a great opportunity to listen to UK industry engineers, not only regarding their journey through the pandemic and Brexit but also to get a greater understanding of the industry’s evolving requirements. Taking the opportunity to listen to manufacturers at MACH is critical to the success of VOLLMER and the ongoing development of our product lines and innovations. Our industry-leading R&D experts are always paying close attention to the requirements of the marketplace; Industry 4.0, connectivity and the increasing costs of energy were subjects raised on numerous occasions at MACH. We already lead the way in these fields, but at the GrindingHub show in May, our next generation of advanced technologies will really set the VOLLMER brand apart from its rivals in these areas.“   

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