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Sharpening specialist VOLLMER is active on a range of social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The Swabian machine manufacturer aims to promote and expand digital communication with its customers, partners and employees in a manner that is specific to each target group. True to the motto "digital first", the company is strengthening its online marketing and sales channels, as well as its interactive recruiting. The combination of writing, sound and images available on social media is excellent for demonstrating how grinding and erosion machines are used and the services offered by the company. VOLLMER also uses the platform to share its general expertise and technical explanations about sharpening with a global audience.

"We've been expanding our online marketing and sales channels in a targeted way for over ten years now," says Jürgen Hauger, Managing Director at the VOLLMER Group. "We not only want to use social media to engage with our customers and partners, but we also want to make our recruitment specific to the target groups to get young and experienced employees interested in VOLLMER."

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube currently form the four pillars on which VOLLMER has based its social media strategy. The opportunity to combine writing with sound and images allows the Biberach-based sharpening specialist to show its machines, services and the company in a detailed way which is tailored to the target group. In particular, the digital platforms allow writing and moving images to be used to showcase technology and the applications and benefits of the company's sharpening machines based on the machining processes of grinding, eroding and laser machining. In addition, VOLLMER seeks to use these platforms to explain in-depth content and general expertise in the field of sharpening technologies.

Back in 2011, VOLLMER started its YouTube channel, uploading explainer videos about its grinding and erosion machines. The channel also has entertaining videos made by trainees, offering an informative and personal perspective of how the training at VOLLMER works. Two years after launching its YouTube channel, the machine manufacturer began its "Vollmer Group" Facebook fan page, primarily intended for engaging young people with sharpening and working for VOLLMER.

VOLLMER has a presence on LinkedIn for Germany and its international subsidiaries in America, China, Great Britain, Spain and Japan. The company's followers are given information about new technologies and services in specific categories, as well as being offered insights into the specifics of tool machining with sharpening machines. VOLLMER also uses LinkedIn to share videos, images and articles, as well as to announce events, trade fair appearances and web seminars.

The company's Instagram account became the latest addition to VOLLMER's social media platforms about a year ago. The focus of the machine manufacturer's Instagram posts is training and education. For instance, interested young people can see informative and funny stories posted by VOLLMER trainees going about their working day.This content is primarily conceived and made by the trainees themselves, showing a great deal of creativity and a keen eye for detail. 

"The coronavirus pandemic has not only shown us, but the entire world, how crucial digital communication is for a company," states Dr. Stefan Brand, CEO of the VOLLMER Group. "And, although we currently have an excellent presence on social media, we're continually working to expand our online communication so that's it a cut above."

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