Taking advantage of the coronavirus Situation for VOLLMER online seminars 2021-03-16

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VOLLMER has pursued the active advancement of digitalisation during the coronavirus crisis and the associated restrictions. This is why the sharpening specialist has now designed new online seminars that digitally communicate knowledge relating to sharpening and introduce you to the world of VOLLMER machines and services. Among other things, the online seminars comprise of tool grinding, eroding of diamond tools and digital maintenance of machines. For selected online seminars, customers get access to live streaming. In the space of 45 minutes, in-depth insights are given into theory and practice and your own questions can be asked via a chat. Moreover, VOLLMER occasionally puts together individual online seminars for customers. 

The sharpening specialist VOLLMER will immediately be offering a web-based exchange of knowledge regarding its sharpening machines, technologies and digital solutions. Especially in the times of coronavirus, the online seminars allow not only safe participation in further training measures, but are also an excellent way of using the working day restrictions necessitated by coronavirus sensibly.

VOLLMER carries out the online seminars via live streaming in English or German. After registration, the participants get personal access and can attend the training on designated dates. Online seminars are currently offered on the QXD 250 erosion machine, VGrind 360 tool-grinding machine and "Visual Support" digital service, with which customers can network in real time with VOLLMER technicians. 

The online seminars last around 45 minutes and generally consist of a theoretical part and a practical part with virtual insights into the corresponding sharpening machines. Participants have the opportunity to ask their questions via a chat function during the event. Questions relating to the online seminar are answered for all participants – either directly in a question-and-answer session in the online seminar or subsequently via e-mail. The contents of the online seminars are also subsequently available to the participants and anyone else interested as a download. Other than these general online seminars, VOLLMER also designs individual online seminars for customers in order to discuss specific tasks. 

"Several online seminars are planned up to the end of the second quarter, the scheduling of which we determine according to registrations," says Jürgen Hauger, CEO of the VOLLMER Group. "We will inform you about current online seminars and offer online registration via our social media channels of Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn. Our customers can also find out about online seminars via e-mail, telephone or our website."

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