Vollmer presents its Orange Vield approach 2024-05-15

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The Biberach-based sharpening specialist VOLLMER is pursuing a sustainable digital strategy implemented using the Orange Vield approach. At VOLLMER, digitalisation encompasses machines as well as services and internal IT systems and is intelligently networked with customer and supplier applications. An important factor in the Orange Vield approach is not only developing new IT solutions but also integrating them into existing machines and services.

"At VOLLMER, we take a holistic view of digitalisation and network our machines, services, processes and internal IT systems with the digital worlds of our customers as well," says Georg Kästle, CDO (Chief Digital Officer) and CIO (Chief Information Officer) of the VOLLMER Group. "The Orange Vield approach involves always ensuring intelligent linking of existing machines with new IT services and finding the right mix of greenfield and brownfield approaches."

People are at the centre of the digital strategy

The linchpin of VOLLMER's digital strategy is and remains people – although digitalisation is based on technology, the transformation can only be achieved via active organisation of people. At VOLLMER, the digital team therefore consists of employees from all areas of the company, from design, sales and service, to finance and procurement, through to logistics and marketing. The digital strategy goes beyond the boundaries of the company itself and also encompasses the customer's processes – which is why VOLLMER is more concerned with evaluation of processes than use of new technologies.

Orange Vield combines greenfield and brownfield approach

The Orange Vield approach is of central importance in this context: Traditionally, customers often use their VOLLMER machines for decades, which is why it is essential to link tried-and-tested VOLLMER machines and services with new IT solutions. The Orange Field approach therefore represents an intelligent combination of greenfield and brownfield approaches: This means digitalising new machines as well as equipping existing VOLLMER machines with IT services. The Orange Vield approach covers the entire digitalisation process and enables both VOLLMER and its customers to protect existing investments while still modernising existing systems.

V@dison initiative combines digital solutions

VOLLMER has launched the V@dison initiative as an umbrella brand for its digital services. It combines the Vollmer Digital Solutions, which include the VPortal customer portal, for example. This is one example of the VOLLMER approach of implementing a digital core environment in which all applications are networked with each other. The VPortal offers interactive 3D models of VOLLMER machines that can virtually be taken apart down to the individual component – this helps with ordering spare parts, for example. The virtual twins of the machines are in turn created based on the networking of the CAD system with the VOLLMER ERP and PLM system.


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