Loroch management to gradually change over the year 2023-09-18

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Mörlenbach-based Loroch GmbH is taking a gradual approach as it transitions to its new management. On 1st January 2023, Hartmut Kälberer joined the management team of the saw blade sharpening machine specialists. For the time being, he will be leading the company, which is part of the Biberach-based VOLLMER Group, alongside current CEO Dr. Roland Loroch. Dr. Roland Loroch, the fourth generation of his family to manage the company, took over in 1990, and will retire on 1st December 2023.

"With the change in management at Loroch, we want to take our time to ensure the transition is transparent for our customers and employees and to ensure accountability," says Dr Roland Loroch, CEO of Loroch GmbH. "Hartmut Kälberer has great depth of experience in the field of mechanical engineering. He is a highly motivated individual and I am convinced that he will lead the company to a successful future."

A graduate engineer, Hartmut Kälberer (born in 1967) has been employed by Loroch GmbH, the saw blade sharpening machine specialists, since 1st January 2023, bringing with him more than 30 years of experience in machine tool manufacturing. This includes work for a number of international mechanical engineering companies, such as Matec in Köngen, F. Zimmermann in Neuhausen auf den Fildern and Alzmetall in Altenmarkt. Ten years ago, he took on the role of Managing Director for the Technology division at F. Zimmermann, before moving to Alzmetall in January 2021 as their Managing Director of Sales and Marketing. In his move to Loroch, Hartmut Kälberer has joined a company with a long history. In 1899, Josef Loroch founded a mechanical workshop in Heidelberg. Over the course of more than 100 years, this workshop has developed into a modern and efficient globally operational industrial company, which is now part of the Biberach-based VOLLMER Group. Hartmut Kälberer is the first CEO in the company's history who is not a member of the Loroch family.

"My aim, on the one hand, is to maintain the Loroch family tradition and the technical edge of our products and, on the other, to build further pillars, in particular to reduce our dependence on fluctuations in individual markets," says Hartmut Kälberer. "I am particularly pleased that Dr. Roland Loroch will remain with the company as a contact and advisor even after his official retirement."

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