Aitor Zinkunegi is the new Managing Director of VOLLMER Iberica 2023-04-05

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The German sharpening specialist VOLLMER Group has appointed a new manager for Spain and Portugal. From 1st March 2023, Managing Director Aitor Zinkunegi will be responsible for the fortunes of VOLLMER Iberica from its site in Barcelona. Aitor Zinkunegi has been working at VOLLMER since 2015 and was previously Head of Sales on the Iberian peninsula.

"In Spain and Portugal, we aim to drive forward the tool grinding business in particular" says Aitor Zinkunegi, the new Managing Director of VOLLMER Iberica in Barcelona. "With our tool-grinding machines in the VGrind series, we are able to provide tool manufacturers with a high-precision machine that is suitable for special production and large volume production."

Aitor Zinkunegi was born in 1984 in the Basque town of Azpeitia, and has been the new Managing Director of VOLLMER Iberica since 1st March 2023, having previously held the position of Head of Sales. Aitor Zinkunegi's engineering studies at Mondragon University in the Basque Country (Arrasate) provided him with a technological understanding of machines made by the German sharpening specialist VOLLMER Group. The focus of the VGrind are two vertically configured spindles, which allow for highly precise multi-level machining. Automation makes it possible to use the VGrind for tool machining in a round-the-clock unmanned shift. Aitor Zinkunegi aims to position the VGrind and the entire VOLLMER grinding and eroding machine range on the Iberian grinding market through targeted social media and marketing campaigns.

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