Hybrid technology for efficient tool grinding and eroding VHYBRID 360 – TWO BECOME ONE

The word "hybrid" is derived from Greek and describes something bundled, crossed or mixed. In engineering, it describes a system which skilfully combines two technologies and therefore offers the best of both worlds. The combination of sub-systems even leads to brand-new positive features.

This is the case with the VHybrid 360 from VOLLMER, which combines the strengths of an innovative grinding machine and a powerful erosion machine – and makes it possible to switch between both functions in next to no time. For noticeably increased efficiency and profitability in machining rotary carbide and PCD tools with diameters of up to 50 mm.

Altogether that makes for two hundred per cent VOLLMER efficiency and profitability.

For tool machining with its complex production tasks and high quality demands, the integration of two technologies in one machine like the VHybrid 360 can be a particularly efficient solution: Complete machining in one set-up, with minimum space requirements and maximum flexibility.


Innovative VOLLMER multi-layer machining with two spindles, automatic grinding and eroding wheel replacement is the key to the complete integration of two important tool machining processes. The ingenious arrangement of the grinding and electrode wheel sets precisely in the pivot point of the C axis ensures you always achieve perfect results.


Efficient machining of carbide tools with diameters of up to 50 mm (depending on the tipping, the machine kinematics also allow for larger diameters). Different automation options are available.


Powerful machining of carbide or PCD tools up to 50 mm thanks to the high-performance and finely tuned Vpulse EDM erosion generator (depending on the tipping, the machine kinematics also allow for larger diameters). A range of automation options are available here as well.

The machine concept

For perfect grinding processes, the VHybrid 360 uses the innovative and proven principles of the successful VGrind 360, the world's first grinding machine with two vertically arranged grinding spindles. To avoid inefficient re-tooling processes, the bottom spindle of the VHybrid 360 has been equipped with a fully-fledged erosion unit. At its core is the Vpulse EDM erosion generator, which sets new benchmarks in terms of efficiency and surface quality.


  • Five-axis CNC grinding machine with innovative kinematics. Short linear-axis travel distances and swivel ranges for increased efficiency and precision in production
  • The vertical spindle arrangement solves the well-known problems related to fixed and floating bearings
  • Grinding wheel in the pivot point of the C axis – for ultra-precise grinding results
  • Innovative wall concept with the highest possible rigidity and outstanding damping thanks to polymer concrete
  • Effective motor and spindle cooling concept for higher thermal stability and lasting power and precision

As a fully-fledged grinding machine, the VHybrid 360 can produce and sharpen carbide drills and milling cutters with a diameter range of up to 50 mm (depending on the tipping, the machine kinematics also allow for larger diameters).

  • High flexibility due to the option of automatic grinding wheel replacement with integrated calibration and wear control
  • Meaningful automation options for efficient and flexible production


  • Maximum efficiency for reduced machining times
  • Best surface and cutting edge quality: Finest, ultra-precise erosion pulses enable surfaces up to a roughness of 0.1 μRa, depending on the tool type
  • Simple dressing of the erosion electrodes thanks to dressing device
  • High process reliability across all grades of PCD

With its outstanding kinematics, the VHybrid 360 is ideal for machining rotary tooling with a diameter of up to 50 mm (depending on the tipping, the machine kinematics also allow for larger diameters).

  • Precise electrode calibration and wear control for perfect erosion results


  • Linear scales determine the position of the axes for even greater precision
  • Stable, conveniently adjustable steady rest with automatic stroke ensures optimal grinding results for longer tools

One of the key factors in modern tool production is automating the work processes. For the VHybrid 360 too, VOLLMER has meaningful equipment options with which you can make your production processes more precise, faster and more reliable.

  • The HC 4 chain magazine provides space for up to 39 HSK 63 tool holders in a compact design
  • Automatic replacement of up to eight grinding or eroding wheel sets, complete with coolant nozzles. Another contribution towards productivity within your manufacturing process

The operating concept

A progressive machine demands an equally progressive operating concept. For the VHybrid 360, proven VOLLMER principles were combined with new features. Thanks to the clever positioning of the control desk, users always have a clear view of both the LCD display and the working area. Operation via the touchscreen or keyboard is simple, intuitive and precise as is typical of VOLLMER. The multifunction handwheel for adjusting a desired axis – independent of the control desk – provides even greater flexibility. The newly developed tool manager makes an important contribution to the overall concept, enabling particularly simple handling of grinding wheels and electrodes – and thus helping to further reduce non-productive times. The result: Intuitive and precise operation in every phase of use.


  • Height-adjustable and tilting control desk
  • Optimal machine access
  • High-quality LCD display, optimal positioning
  • Simple touchscreen control
  • Multifunction handwheel for easy axis adjustment
  • Simple management of the grinding wheels and rotary electrodes with the VOLLMER tool manager


The VHybrid 360 is perfectly equipped with the further developed and comprehensive ExLevel PRO software. The modular design enables efficient machining of a wide range of tools in both the grinding and eroding areas, and therefore guarantees quick and easy implementation of all service and production processes. The required simulation can be set up directly at the control desk or at an external programming place.

  • Modular design for individual geometry machining
  • Simple input and programming
  • Quick program generation through default function
  • Simple handling with the tool manager
  • Tool simulation in 2D/3D
  • Optimal machine monitoring



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