Our strategy for digitalisation V@dison

The extensive changes brought about by digital transformation are causing many industrial companies justified concern in many respects. A clear strategy is now crucial in order to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0. With VOLLMER as your partner, you will become part of our V@dison digitalisation strategy and set the course for digital transformation.



Status Quo

The starting point of our journey

A highly efficient, computer-controlled VOLLMER machine that is preparing for the digital transformation with the help of the V@dison development path.



IoT Gateway

The Heart of our V@dison solution: The VOLLMER IoT Gateway

The VOLLMER IoT gateway enable you to integrate your VOLLMER machine to a digital environment and capture data for further analysis. The IoT gateway converts electric I/O signals into understandable data and is the hardware needed as an interface between your machine and applications. And thanks to standardised protocols such as OPC UA or MTConnect, this not only enable data flow towards V@dison products, but also towards any third party solutions in your pre-existing IT infrastructure.



Our tools

Our digital strategy: V@dison


All relevant machine parameters at a glance. Fully integrated, always up to date, on any mobile device. High transparency with guaranteed availability and access to data.


  • V@ CHECK

Experiment, analyse, optimise. Simulate different scenarios without material loss. Reduce machine downtime using extensive analysis features.


  • V@ BOOST

Unleash the full potential. Increase workpiece-specific performance, exploit potential to the full: With smart software tools.


  • V@ GUIDE

The smart way to get machining recommendations. Identify errors before they occur. Digital modules and automated digital communication processes enable preventive maintenance to be carried out and knowledge to be shared. The smart way to receive recommendations and prevent downtime.

Industry 4.0

WITH V@DISON to the SMART FACTORY // Industry 4.0

The solutions and tools that emerge from our digitalisation strategy will enable your company to make the leap into the fourth industrial revolution.



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