NEW: CS 860 & CSF 860

The CS 860 and CSF 860 have only one goal: To make sharpening your carbide-tipped circular saw blades as easy as possible, offering you maximum flexibility for optimised processes so that you achieve outstanding grinding results.



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Fine grinding with utmost precision. The new standard for the complete machining of rotationally symmetric solid carbide tools of up to 100 mm.


The new VHybrid 260 combines the strengths of an innovative grinding machine and a proven powerful erosion machine. Allowing you to switch between the two functions in no time.


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Maximum sharpening for tools in production and service – efficiently and effectively: that's what VOLLMER stands for. Meeting this demand requires experience. The courage to explore new paths. And a never-ending passion for precision. That's what makes the real difference when it comes to quality and productivity.
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Solutions for rotary tools

Whether you are machining metal, wood, lightweight or highly abrasive materials – PCD and carbide rotary tools such as drills and milling cutters are indispensable in many industrial sectors. The sharpening process plays a pivotal role in their performance and operating life as well as in achieving results of outstanding quality. With VOLLMER eroding and grinding machines you always machine rotary tools highly precisely, extremely efficiently – and, if desired, even fully automatically in series.

Discover our intelligent solutions for producing and maintaining complex tool shapes.

Solutions for circular saws

Professional sharpening, maintenance and hardening are key to the efficient and productive use of carbide or high-speed steel circular saw blades. That is why VOLLMER has the right solution for any application – whether it is tool production, chipping saw mills or a sharpening service. Our diverse range extends from manual grinding machines to service centers for automatic complete machining.

Ensure higher cutting quality, longer operating life and increased productivity with these solutions.

Solutions for metal-cutting bandsaws

The effective use of bandsaws for cutting metal requires maximum precision in the tooth geometry. That's a fact – and we know it. That's why, at VOLLMER, we have tried-and-tested solutions that have been specially developed and constructed for these requirements: For grinding tooth tops, straight tooth faces and clearance surfaces on both sides.

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The desire to offer our customers maximum benefit has been the driving force behind our innovations under the “V” banner for over 100 years and is the principle behind the digital transformation at VOLLMER. True to this promise, our engineers and developers are currently working on a whole host of digital solutions, tools and services packed with functions and features. Reduced downtimes, predictive maintenance, maximum system availability and the utmost transparency throughout the process – These are just some of the benefits you can expect from the world of V@dison. We never stop striving to bring you tangible added value in terms of greater flexibility, greater profitability and greater Efficiency.


Product finder

Whether you are a tool manufacturer, sharpening service or saw mill – VOLLMER has the perfect solution for all challenges surrounding the maintenance and treatment of sharp tools. You can now use the VOLLMER product finder to quickly and easily discover these solutions in our extensive range. With just a few clicks you can narrow down the choice and filter for the machine best suited to your needs.

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Maximum sharpening for tools in production and service: That's what VOLLMER stands for.

Since it was founded in 1909, the company has become a technology leader for state-of-the-art grinding, erosion and processing machines for rotary tools and circular saws in the wood and metal processing industry, as well as machines for metal-cutting bandsaws. The extensive machine range is supplemented by customized service offerings. VOLLMER is a solution provider for global customers – including sharpening services, saw mills, tool manufacturers, and production companies.

In addition to core values such as quality and precision, VOLLMER focuses consistently on tradition and the advantages of a family-run company: Continuity, employee orientation, efficient processes, and rapid action – all of which are made possible by people who are continuously setting new standards with their enthusiasm and expertise. VOLLMER therefore thrives on a low employee turnover and a high level of employee commitment. The VOLLMER Group currently employs approximately 800 employees worldwide, with around 550 of these at the main headquarters in Biberach alone, including more than 50 trainees.

Rooted in its home region, yet dynamic and outward-looking: VOLLMER developed a strong international presence early on and expanded into important markets in Europe and overseas. In addition to its headquarters in Biberach, the VOLLMER Group also has further locations in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the USA, Brazil, Japan, China, South Korea, India, and Russia. In addition to its subsidiaries, VOLLMER currently has more than 30 international representatives with expertise in the fields of band saws, circular saws, PCD rotary tools, and services for tool machining.

More precision in the sharpening and grinding process, whilst simultaneously increasing productivity: This is VOLLMER's objective with each new machine. Innovations are not accidental, but rather the result of a structured process. VOLLMER invests around eight to ten percent of its turnover in researching and developing new technologies and products in order to achieve the company's vision: To be the leading system supplier for producing and maintaining machining tools.

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