CM 300 Sharpening machine for machining of tooth faces and tooth tops on carbide-tipped circular saw blades

The concept

Those who want to produce accurate metal cutting saw blades must not only pay attention to basic parameters, such as accuracy of the saw blade hole and the appropriate clamping system, they must also ensure that the process is as stable as possible and that the sharpening machine has a high level of rigidity.

We have succeeded in meeting these requirements with the unique machine concept of the CM 300. With its fixed grinding unit and solid structure, it offers the highest accuracy in machining tooth faces and tooth tops on metal cutting saw blades. The result: Exact surface quality which pays dividends – for each and every grinding process.

Operating, handling and features

The familiar VOLLMER user interface guarantees maximum operating convenience, quick familiarization of the operating staff and efficient operation of the machine. A wide variety of tooth shapes offers a high level of flexibility for the production of metal-cutting circular saws. At the same time, the machine's convenient programming reduces the setup time.


CM 300
CM 300

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