CHX 840 // CHX 1300 Versatile sharpening machine for TCT circular saw blades


Logically tailored to meet the expectations and needs of its operators, the CHX allows for efficient and high-Quality machining of circular saw blades. Which configuration suits you?

  • Machining of tooth faces and tooth tops in just one set-up, thanks to original VOLLMER double grinding wheel technology and automatic A1 axis
  • Five CNC-controlled axes for the complete machining of all commonly used tooth geometries in just one set-up – even for saws with axial face angle and group toothing
  • Optimum movement coordination for short grinding times and reduced non-productive times
  • Consistently hydraulic-free – extremely low-maintenance
  • Automatic central lubrication included in the basic equipment for reduced maintenance effort

Automatic set-up procedure

The use of one set-up for the machining of tooth faces and tooth tops already ensures a clear reduction in set-up time. Thanks to the individually selectable degree of automation of the CHX, set-up times can be reduced even further. And,above all, this results in an enormous boost to convenience, as well as increased flexibility and profitability.

  • Automatic set-up procedure, consisting of saw insertion, diameter recognition and an acoustic sensor for sensing


The high level of productivity, functionality and astounding variability make CHX machines a worthwhile investment for sharpening shops in particular, as well as sawmills. No matter whether it concerns wood, aluminium or metal processing – if it requires circular saw blades, CHX has the right solution at the ready! 

  • Oscillation grinding as standard – for high material removal rates in just one cycle, e.g. when machining teeth for repair

The name VOLLMER guarantees process reliability and stability. Thanks to the diagonally integrated feed pawl with pneumatic lift, even chipper segments present no problem – even if these are screwed with or without a reinforcing ring onto the mounting devices manufactured specially for the purpose, often also with filler pieces in order to fill up the gaps in the body.

  • Wide-opening blade clamping mechanism for saws with collar or reinforcing ring
  • Optional second feed pawl for machining tooth pitch up to 180 mm
  • Optional hollow face grinding device for machining hollow face saws

Particular requirements apply in metal industry, which is also true for sharpening. The CHX 840 and CHX 1300 are ideally designed for efficiently grinding even complex tooth geometries and group toothings.


  • More powerful grinding motor with variable grinding speed, for a high level of grinding efficiency and the possibility of optimising process and machining parameters
  • Software for negative tooth face geometries and chip breaker machining is optional
  • Adjustable grinding sleeve for chip breaker machining for more flexibility
  • First-time automatic deposition of the base body as an independent program for efficient pre-machining of the circular saw blade for the subsequent sharpening process
  • Optional additional function for grinding the tip groove - for optimal preparation of the saw blank in the production process


To all who want to use their CHX with even greater Efficiency and productivity, we recommend combining the machine with HS loading, which is available on request. The automatic loading of the machine enables up to seven hours of independent time, allowing for unmanned operation that can take place overnight, for example. The programming and preparation of the saw Batch can take place while the machine is working.

  • Automatic machine loading with circular saw blades up to a stack height of 180 mm (for up to 25 saws)
  • Stacking of saws with intermediate layers to protect the cutting edges
  • For saw blade bore diameters of up to 80 mm
  • For circular saws with a diameter of 140–530 mm in two possible working ranges (140–370 mm or 300–530 mm)
  • Data entry station for stack programming


No matter which degree of automation you choose for the CHX, you will already be able to save considerable set-up time and begin machining even quicker thanks to the fact that machining of tooth faces and tooth tops takes place in one set-up. You can also optimise your set-up time even further using the automatic set-up procedure. And then there's the automated HS, which even allows for unmanned operation that can take place overnight, for example. You can see all the individual automation options that the CHX offers in the overview below.


The modern operation concept with the new multifunction handwheel makes work significantly easier and faster. The axes are selected and controlled by only one module, which is very helpful for avoiding the possibility of incorrect Operation. The handwheel is also used as a potentiometer in order to be able to carry out speed adjustments in automatic mode.

  • Optimised machining times and surface finish quality through variable input of the grinding speeds for various different surfaces
  • No tooth pitch input required thanks to the feed pawl sensor System
  • Automatic adjustment of the tooth surface and top through the controlled A1 axis avoids adjustment errors
  • Network connection for data protection and acquisition of machine data and production data 

Machine for sharpening circular saws // VOLLMER CHX 840 and CHX 1300


CHX 840 // CHX 1300
CHX 840 // CHX 1300

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