QR 270 Erosion machine for machining the tooth tops of PCD-tipped circular saw blades

PCD circular saw blades in heavy-duty machining Erosion machine for machining the tooth tops of PCD-tipped circular saw blades

In addition to circular saw blades with carbide cutting edges, PCD-tipped (polycrystalline diamond) circular saw blades are also used in heavy-duty machining. Saw blades with PCD cutting edges are characterized by an extremely long operating life and an excellent cutting performance. The cutting quality is preserved throughout the life of the tool thanks to the outstanding cutting properties of PCD cutting material. PCD circular saw blades are primarily used to cut wood-based materials. They can be used universally.


Machining PCD circular saw blades

Circular saw blades with PCD cutting edges are machined using the erosion technique. VOLLMER makes use of the advantages offered by electrodes made of copper-tungsten alloys with high material removal rates and a guaranteed optimum surface quality at the PCD cutting edge.

Design and structure of the machine

With the QR, the PCD circular saw blades are machined around their circumference and clamped in the vertical position. That makes it possible to machine saw blades with very large diameters (up to 840 mm) without restricting access to the operating area. The copper-tungsten electrode is positioned so that erosion takes place front face of the cup wheel. The face of the electrode is used to achieve even tooth tops on the cutting edge with clearly defined clearance angles, which is a major advantage for the saw blade's cutting performance.

The machine is installed on a polymer concrete base. It has eight CNC axes. Oil is used as the dielectric. so a fire-extinguishing system has to be included. The machine can optionally be equipped with a loading device and loading carriage.

Kreissägeblätter mit Aussendurchmesser100 - 840 mm
Kreissägeblätter mit Bohrungsdurchmesser10 - 180 mm
Kreissägeblätter mit Stammblattdicke< 14 mm
Bearbeitungslänge an der Freifläche< 15 mm
Freiwinkel+5° - +45°
Schrägungswinkel≤ 60°
Zahnteilung6 - 180 mm
Werkzeug-ø für Rückenbearbeitungø 125 - 127 mm
Drehzahl Riemenspindel(n) mit FU50 - 1600 min-1
Anschlusswert elektrisch5,0 kVA
Förderleistung (Pumpe) Kühlmittel Öl60 l/min
Kühlmittelbehälter140 l


QR 270
QR 270

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