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VOLLMER industry expertise in circular saws

VOLLMER has a uniquely diverse portfolio of high-performance, advanced machines for maintaining and sharpening circular saws. Whether for tool production, chipping saw mills or a sharpening service – VOLLMER has the right solution for your specific needs.
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The CP 650 sharpening machine is suitable for machining carbide-tipped circular saw blades with different tooth geometries on the tooth faces and tooth tops up to a diameter of 650 mm.
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VOLLMER CP 650 in detail 1

The CNC-controlled CP 650 with multiprocessor technology is designed for machining the tooth faces and tooth tops on carbide-tipped circular saw blades. All common tooth geometries for wood and aluminum machining are stored as standard.
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CM 300 b 12 28 web

With the fully automatic CM 300 sharpening machine, carbide-tipped circular saw blades can be specially sharpened for the metal machining industry up to a diameter of 1440 millimeters.
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VOLLMER CM 300 in detail

The CM 300 fully sharpens the tooth geometry of hook and clearance angles on carbide-tipped circular saw blades for metal machining without the saw blades having to be clamped in more than one position.
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VOLLMER industry expertise in PCD rotary tools

Whether in the automotive, air or aerospace industry, whether aluminum, magnesium or MMX, wherever state-of-the-art PCD tools are used, VOLLMER has the right solutions: For highly efficient and accurate machining with wire or disc erosion machines.
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The all-round genius for eroding: The QXD 250 disc erosion machine has six simultaneously controlled CNC axes. This enables complete machining, including measurement, eroding, grinding, and polishing, without the saw blades having to be clamped in more than one position. With the new Vpulse EDM erosion generator, the VOLLMER QXD 250 erosion machine can machine PCD-tipped tools up to 30 percent faster.
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VOLLMER QXD 250 in detail 1

In the VOLLMER QXD 250 erosion machine, the Vpulse EDM erosion generator specifies the cycle – up to 30 percent faster and with a three times better surface finish.
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VOLLMER QXD 250 in detail 2

The most diverse range of tools, such as end mills in the wood industry and further machining tools, can be produced with the QXD 250 in large batch sizes and without manual intervention.
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VOLLMER services: Spare parts 1

VOLLMER consumables are perfectly matched to the sharpening and erosion machines and increase the availability and service life of VOLLMER machines.
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VOLLMER services: Spare parts 2

Original VOLLMER spare parts comply 100% with VOLLMER's high quality standards. This is demonstrated by the VOLLMER logo.
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