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VOLLMER headquarters in Biberach

The headquarters in Biberach/Riss, with its state-of-the-art Technology and Training Center, is the vibrant core of a dynamic corporate group.
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Outside the VOLLMER Technology and Training Center

Customized training courses: Whether technical training courses for novices or modular machine training courses, participants benefit from a practical approach, state-of-the-art training equipment, and, of course, expert knowledge in the VOLLMER Technology and Training Center (TDZ).
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Inside the VOLLMER Technology and Training Center

With a floor space of 3000 square meters, the Technology and Training Center (TDZ) at VOLLMER has space for around 30 grinding and erosion machines.
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VOLLMER production site in Mörlenbach

The second German production site for the LOROCH brand is located in Mörlenbach. Since 2006, LOROCH has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOLLMER.
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VOLLMER production site in Taicang, China

Since 2004, a further VOLLMER production site, as well as a sales and service subsidiary, have been operating in Taicang, China.
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VOLLMER world map 15 subsidiaries

VOLLMER has a global presence with 15 SUBSIDIARIES AND MORE THAN 30 REPRESENTATIVES around the world.
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