Rules and requirements (valid from 1st June 2019)

  1. All electronic order confirmations must be sent to the following e-mail address:
  2. There must be sent a separate e-mail for each order confirmation.
  3. The electronic order confirmation must be consist in PDF-format.
  4. Further attachments and formats (.jpg, .tif …) will be ignored or can lead to problems during the reading of the invoices.
  5. Each order has to be confirmed immediately, but no later than 4 working days after receipt of the order and stating the exact day of delivery (not calendar week).
  6. Other or additional information such as price increases, changes of drawings, etc. can no longer be considered and accepted on the order confirmation or in the E-Mail. Such information has to be sent separately.
  7. The inobservance of the rules can lead to delayed processing or not processing of order confirmations.




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