QM eco select Disc erosion machine for machining PCD tools

High-precision machining of PCD tools

The VOLLMER QM eco select was developed for the machining of tools, in particular those with PCD cutting edges, with the utmost precision and best possible surface quality. It meets the highest demands for cutting edge geometries, configurations of cutting edges and accuracy that diamond tools require.

An extremely high structural rigidity has been achieved thanks to the particularly stable, flexible machine design which includes polymer concrete. Measuring and eroding are achieved with the VOLLMER QM eco select with just one clamping operation. Five simultaneously controlled CNC axes and the generator we have developed ensure top performance and optimum results.

The CNC-controlled E-axis

The E-axis of the VOLLMER QM eco select pivots the disc-shaped erosion electrode. As well as radial clearance angles, lateral clearance angles can also be achieved in the profile via the five-axis simultaneous path.

The class is in the detail

  • Best results, high erosion performance for roughing processes
  • Fine surface as a result of finishing with roughness values of Ra < 0.2 μm
  • Flexibility in designing individual tool geometries
  • Modular PMC multiprocessor system with integrated software for workshop-orientated programming
  • Diagnostics system for constant monitoring of machine function
  • Internally-developed generator

QM software packages: Individually combinable

The different software packages offer the possibility to adapt the QM eco select individually to the particular requirements. The standard machine version is already equipped with the basic package and can be configured with up to three extension packages (chipper package, profile package, saw package). This makes the QM eco select particularly economical and flexible, as additional software packages can be added on subsequently at any time.

Standard equipment Extension packages (optional) Extension packages (optional) Extension packages (optional)
Peripheral machining of milling cutters (end mills/jointing cutters) Compact chipper 4-path program peripheral electrode Complete top machining of all common geometries
Simple program (linear machining in all common axial directions) Radius chipper   Complete side machining of all common geometries
Circular erosion Profile chipper in plunging in method    
Laminate tool (plunging in/path travel) Profile chipper in path operation    
Complete machining of milling cutters (peripheral and face machining in one clamping operation)      

The technology

Automatic measuring and eroding in one clamping operation.

A multitude of programs are available for measuring and eroding operations. Each standard program is supplemented with customer-specific parameters and tool dimensions.

The software

Intelligent software with particular advantages.

While one tool is being machined, data for another tool can be entered in the measuring and eroding program. The program for automatic operation is then initiated once this tool has been clamped. Up to four eroding stages with their own individual parameters can be selected in all machining programs: Coarse roughing, roughing, finishing, fine finishing.

The operating concept

Simple, safe and efficient with globally successful VOLLMER menu technology.

VOLLMER operating philosophy: Quick and easy to maximum efficiency. This is why the globally successful VOLLMER menu technology provides short programming times and brief training periods, and allows fast and flexible use of operating personnel. The whole system is managed by a single control system and ensures a minimum risk of operator input error thanks to maximum graphic support.

The highlights

  • Optimum price/performance ratio
  • Individually selectable software packages, therefore ideal for novices
  • Extension packages can be added on at any time
  • Five simultaneously controlled CNC axes
  • Special VOLLMER erosion generator for machining PCD tools
  • Extensive range of services for the product
  • Well-known VOLLMER operating philosophy
  • Reliable technology based on over 20 years of PCD erosion experience

Erosion machine for PCD tools // VOLLMER QM eco select


QM eco select
QM eco select

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