With comprehensive advice for the success of grinding machines VOLLMER projection

A partner from the beginning

Which VOLLMER machine is the right one for me? What is the best way to integrate "the newbie" into my existing processes? And make sure that everything runs smoothly from the start?
What can I do to make sure "my VOLLMER" delivers the same performance on its nth use as it did on day one? What should I look out for during continuous operation under demanding conditions? What if a problem does occur?

We will help ensure the smooth, trouble-free, successful use of your VOLLMER machine. Economically and effectively.

Application and process advice from specialists

Every company is different. And different challenges require individual answers. Personal consultation is therefore always a top priority for us – and not just at the start of our relationship.

We provide advice about integration into your processes through to matters about your applications. We will happily come to you, but it might be better to come to our Technology and Training Centre at VOLLMER headquarters in Biberach, where we can demonstrate everything that VOLLMER has to offer you.

You can benefit from our experience and learn all there is to know about efficient application processes for the manufacture and maintenance of tools.

The benefits for you of VOLLMER advice about erosion and grinding machines

The VOLLMER advisory services at a glance

An in-depth exchange with the VOLLMER experts provides valuable knowledge about state-of-the-art application processes for the manufacture and maintenance of tools.

Test machining

Many promise a lot. Test machining brings clarity. Just take a look at the amazing surface quality that you can achieve with modern VOLLMER technologies. See for yourself what precision and sharpness à la VOLLMER look like. But please be careful.

Process optimization

With the integration of your new VOLLMER machine, take this opportunity to examine your entire tool machining process and optimise where necessary. We will support and advise you. In the end, it is not only the result that counts, but also how you got there.


Programmed for success right from the start: We will show you how. Thanks to the VOLLMER operating concept, it is very easy to adjust "your VOLLMER" precisely to match the required machining steps and measures.


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