EMO 2023: InduGrind and VOLLMER – a partnership for increased sharpness 2023-09-18

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InduGrind, based in the western German city of Bochum, is a young company that can look back on a long tradition – it came into being in 2022 following the takeover of what was formerly known as Hommel Schleifmanufaktur (Hommel Grinding Manufacturing). Today, the tool manufacturer produces shank-type and special tools and maintains gear cutting tools and hobs. In early 2023, InduGrind commissioned a VOLLMER VGrind 360 grinding machine to automate the machining of its carbide tools. VOLLMER also supports the start-up as a partner in technological matters.

An innovative start-up with traditional roots

InduGrind GmbH feels deeply at home in the western German city of Bochum. Economically, the Ruhr region can look back on a long tradition of coal and steel mining and is currently undergoing structural change. InduGrind also reflects this change, as the tool-grinding shop was first established in June 2022 following the takeover of a company formerly known as Hommel Schleifmanufaktur, which had been operating under the name Wollschläger Schleifmanufaktur since the 1990s. Today, the focus of the start-up with traditional roots is on grinding, resharpening and producing shank-type and special tools, as well as reconditioning gear cutting tools, hobs and cutting wheels. Its customers are primarily from the gearing industry, large gear manufacturing, automotive construction, the food industry and, increasingly, the renewable energy sector.

"Just like Hommel back in the day, we also offer surface and cylindrical grinding, we recondition defective tools and grind gear cutting tools and saw blades," says Dr. Timo Bathe, Managing Director of InduGrind GmbH. "We're also continuing to develop tool grinding with our partners and are making targeted investments in a modern machine fleet. With the new VGrind 360 grinding machine from VOLLMER,
we want to take grinding carbide shank-type tools to the next level and to produce standardised drills and milling cutters in large volumes."

The VGrind 360 for industrial grinding

With two grinding spindles situated one above the other and the grinding wheel set positioned at the C axis pivot point, the VGrind 360 tool grinding machine facilitates efficient multi-level machining. The automation of the VOLLMER machine is again key to InduGrind living up to its name – InduGrind stands for the "industrial grinding" of rotary tools such as drills, milling cutters and reamers. In addition to the machine, VOLLMER provides comprehensive support, with services ranging from the initial contact to continuous operation of the VGrind 360.

"VOLLMER impressively demonstrates that 'family business' isn't just an empty phrase, but is applied to everyday business," emphasises Bathe. "From initial introductions to the presentation of the machine, the acceptance and subsequent services, VOLLMER gives us the impression of being a friendly and expert partner. We want to use this partnership to further establish ourselves as a company driving innovation on the grinding market."

VOLLMER supporting the start-up as a partner

InduGrind sees itself not only as a service provider for tool grinding, but also as a cooperation and sparring partner for the successful and cost-effective implementation of projects in the sharpening sector. This is where VOLLMER comes in, cooperating with InduGrind to develop new grinding technologies openly, transparently and cost-effectively. The aim for the tool-grinding shop is to be the central point of contact for customers from the coal and steel industry, gear manufacturing, mechanical engineering, the steel industry and the automotive sector. The tool manufacturer brings qualified cooperation partners such as VOLLMER on board in order to find the ideal solution for its customers.

"We're delighted that InduGrind has chosen VOLLMER as a machine supplier and cooperation partner to optimise tool machining together," says Jürgen Hauger, Managing Director of the VOLLMER Group. "What's more, as a company that has been operating in the grinding market for over 100 years , we also benefit by working with a young start-up."


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