Machine check of the magazine fertigung: VGrind 340S rated very good 2020-12-08

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We can really be proud of our VGrind 340S for the production and resharpening of the smallest carbide tools with diameters between 0.3 and 12.7 millimeters. This was also confirmed by the magazine "fertigung" in its machine check.

The machine check has become a permanent feature of the magazine and is an important barometer for user investment. The freelance journalist and professional checker Edwin Neugebauer has been on the road for the column more than 80 times in recent years and has meticulously scrutinized numerous machines. For the machine check, he travels to the companies, checks the machines on site and evaluates them according to his own predefined score matrix. And Neugebauer knows his way around - he himself worked in industry for years and looks back on a large number of machine checks.

In September he also put the VOLLMER VGrind 340S through its paces. Among other things, he was impressed by the innovative process, the precision, the dynamics and the willingness to provide service. The VGrind 340S scored 466.45 of 500 possible points. This makes the VGrind 340S, in the field of tool grinding machines, the machine with the highest score ever achieved.

You can read the complete machine check here.


The results at a glance

  • Commissioning of machine: 22,25 of 25,0 points
  • Ease of maintenance: 94,50 of 100,00 points
  • Automation: 97,00 of 100,00 points
  • Control system: 50,00 of 50,00 points
  • Ease of retooling: 45,00 of 50,00 points
  • Service: 67,50 of 75,00 points
  • TCO: 78,20 of 85,00 points
  • Form of contract: 12,00 of 15,00 points

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