Greater momentum for the VOLLMER VGrind grinding machine Two new features increase productivity 2019-12-11

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Tool manufacturers can now opt for greater momentum – that is to say a higher torque – when choosing the VOLLMER VGrind 360 grinding machine. The optional feature can increase the material removal rate in tool production. The sharpening specialist from Biberach has also integrated simultaneous grinding wheel package and tool changes into the VGrind 360 and 340S to increase productivity and reduce non-productive times. VOLLMER continually applies its innovative strength to match sharpening machines to customer requirements in an even more targeted manner. In doing so, the company focuses on increasing productivity and precision for machining tools like drills, milling cutters and reamers.

VOLLMER increases torque by more than 40%
Sharpening specialist VOLLMER has increased the torque of the grinding spindle in the VGrind 360 tool grinding machine. The feature is available as an option for the bottom of the two vertically arranged spindles. Thanks to this unique vertical arrangement, the VGrind 360 is suitable for multi-level machining of different carbide tools like drills, milling cutters and reamers. And thanks to innovative ideas from VOLLMER's engineers, the torque of the bottom grinding spindle has been increased by more than 40%. This additional moment of force also makes it possible to significantly increase the material removal rate. Tool manufacturers will particularly benefit from the increased torque when it comes to grinding grooves in drills and milling cutters.

Simultaneous changes of grinding wheel and tool
Another optimization achieved by VOLLMER is an automation solution for the VGrind 360 and 340S grinding machines in combination with the HP160 pallet magazine. Users can load up to 900 tools with this loading system. VOLLMER has developed a new option for this automation solution, which makes it possible to change the grinding wheel package and tool simultaneously during the loading process. This reduces the non-productive time by around ten seconds for each tool. The benefits of this function are particularly apparent when more than two grinding wheel packages are required to machine a tool or when cycle times are short.

"A higher torque and the option of simultaneously changing the grinding wheel and tool don't just increase efficiency and performance in tool manufacturing, but also increase our customers' profitability," says Dr. Stefan Brand, CEO of the VOLLMER Group. "We strive to continually improve the VOLLMER machines with our willingness to optimize and innovate and to individually optimize the production processes of tool manufacturers."

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