Art Club is guest at VOLLMER 2019-05-13

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After 2014 and 2016, the art club Biberach is our guest for the third time. Under the title "lines" the art club presents the work of Dieter Gassebner in the technology and training center of VOLLMER in Biberach. From May 13th to June 26th, the sculptures made of concrete and metal as well as the meditative drawings of the artist from Blaubeuren will be available for everybody during the official office hours. For the vernissage on Friday, May 10th 2019, all art lovers were invited to experience the artist and his works live.

In addition to small drawings that create new spaces from freehand drawn lines, the famous concrete sculptures of Gassebner can also be seen. His exhibits in concrete can be understood as three-dimensional drawings, which occupy the space with their quiet arches and curves of momentum. They are filigree and fragile and have a lightness, quite different, than the material concrete would expect. Likewise, the metal exhibits: Gassebner cut structural steel into handy pieces and re-assembled the pieces into grid sculptures. Just drop by and be inspired.

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