Thesis: Programming of a virtual tool machine

Department: Development, control and drive technology area

Duration: To be agreed (around six months)

Time frame: Winter semester 2018/2019


Aim of the project: The aim of the project is to fully visualise a CNC tool machine in a realistic way. This involves a specific machine control being used to create a simulation environment that makes it possible to simulate sequences and programs regardless of the actual machine hardware.

These exciting tasks are waiting for you:

  • Becoming familiar with an existing PLC/CNC control
  • Developing a software architecture for connecting to simulation software
  • Implementing using a specific machine

Let's see if you're the perfect fit for us!

You are studying Electrical Engineering or a similar subject
You have expertise in programming PLCs using high-level languages and you have a structured approach to your work.
You are a good team player with excellent communication skills who is committed and happy to work hard.

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