CHD 270 Fully automated complete machining of carbide-tipped circular saw blades

CHD 270 – Complete machining on tooth faces and tooth tops

Sharpening machine with eight CNC-controlled axes and measuring equipment. For automatic machining of carbide-tipped circular saw blades with different diameters and tooth geometries on the tooth faces and tooth tops.

Constant development of a superior machine concept for maximum precision when sharpening carbide-tipped circular saw blades. Fully CNC-controlled (eight CNC axes) including the feed system and the hook and clearance angle adjustment. With automatic measuring equipment.


The machine's design guarantees you excellent stability, takes up little space and makes for easy operation. With the CHD 270, the entire grinding unit is compactly and robustly mounted on a central main structure (monoblock design). This ensures a high level of precision and smooth running. Its advanced and highly ergonomic design makes the unit very easy to operate and to access for maintenance work on the control cabinet, coolant pump, pneumatic system and fire extinguishing device.


The concept for highly efficient and precise sharpening of complex tooth geometries in one cycle

  • Patented twin grinding wheel for complete machining without having to replace the grinding wheel
  • Increased tooth cutting accuracy ensured by comprehensive tooth geometry measurement
  • High performance due to high machining speed


Maximum flexibility for all tooth shapes. The eight CNC-controlled axes combined with the VOLLMER PMC control enable the machine to be used for universal applications. A number of grinding programs are already pre-programmed, and the multi-surface program can be used at any time to create special geometries.

Any tooth geometry, including various chamfer and bevel grinding angles, are ground using just one setting. All bevel grinding angles can be selected individually. Non-productive times have been further reduced.

Quick and accurate – tooth geometry sharpening for the metalworking industry

The CHD 270 is designed to meet the high demands for precision in metal-cutting saw blades. It impresses thanks to its robust construction, CNC-controlled axes, variable control system options and ease of operation. You can grind even the most complex tooth geometries in full in a single clamping operation. This includes chip breaker grooves, chamfers on the precutting and finishing teeth, Braunschweig tooth or chip guide notch. A negative hook angle of up to -35° and maximum bevel grinding angle of up to 60° guarantee maximum flexibility.


Operation is exceptionally easy. VOLLMER's intelligent control technology enables you to focus on what's important. Clear text, supported by graphics, guides you through the program. Many other technical details make operating the CHD 270 a cinch.

  • Windows-based user interface
  • Control panel with an LCD color display and simple VOLLMER operating philosophy
  • All known tooth geometries can be selected via menus
  • Very little data needs to be entered. Basic data is entered only once and then used for all machining operations.

Machine for sharpening circular saws and Automation // VOLLMER CHD 270

Italian saw blade manufacturer puts its trust in VOLLMER

Steep mountain passes and narrow, winding roads – despite a difficult journey, the first VOLLMER sharpening machine found its way through the Northern Italian Alps more than 25 years ago. Its destination was the saw blade manufacturer Moreschi in the small town of Vilminore di Scalve. A strong partnership has linked the two companies since then. Moreschi relies on VOLLMER's grinding machines from the CHD, CHF and CM model series for sharpening carbide-tipped circular saws with precision and Loroch machines (from the KSC-710 model serie) for sharpening HSS circular saws.

Sharpening saw blades at the Yellow Sea

Hwaseong lies on the coast of the Yellow Sea in South Korea – around 50 kilometres from Seoul. The region is a popular sun holiday destination and has also made a name for itself in the sporting world. The footballer Bum-kun Cha was born here in 1953 – Asia's footballer of the 20th century. In the 1980s he played over 300 times in the German Bundesliga and scored just under 100 goals for the clubs Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayer Leverkusen.


CHD 270
CHD 270

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