GrindTec: VOLLMER expands automation of previous VGrind 360 and adds an E to additional model 03/14/2018

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VOLLMER has expanded its tool grinding machine VGrind 360 with additional functions for automation and also added a new model. The specialist for grinding and eroding machines equipped the previous VGrind 360 with the HC 4 chain magazine as well as the automatic changer for coolant nozzles. A sticking unit was also added for the automatic opening of the abrasive coating in order to machine carbide tools even more efficiently. In addition to this existing model, in the future VOLLMER will offer a new model of the grinding machine and add an E to its name. As an entry-level model, the VGrind 360E is geared towards the specific requirements of service companies and smaller tool manufacturers.

The Biberach-based sharpening specialist VOLLMER further developed its tool grinding machine VGrind 360 and equipped it with additional automation features and technical developments. The VGrind 360 is available in two variants: One with two vertical spindles for grinding wheel packages, and the other with one grinding wheel spindle and one high-frequency spindle (HF spindle) plus an automatic tool changer. The high-frequency spindle allows the grinding of special pocket areas for PCD plates (polycrystalline diamond).

Enhanced automation for the VGrind 360
One of VOLLMER's latest solutions, the HC 4 for the VGrind 360, is a compact machine that comprises a chain magazine with 39 spaces for standardised HSK 63-A (hollow shank tapers) or it can also optionally hold up to 158 shank workpieces. A sticking unit is also available as an option for the tool grinding machine, which makes possible the automatic opening of the abrasive coating. This means that grinding residues on the grinding wheel surface can be automatically removed. This process helps maintain the sharpness of the grinding wheel for longer. It is now also possible to automatically change the grinding wheel sets as well as their coolant nozzles within the VGrind 360. As a result, tool manufacturers can reduce the setup times and use the VGrind 360 even more efficiently for their tool manufacturing.

VGrind 360E for easy entry
VOLLMER added an E to an additional model of the VGrind 360 – the E stands for Entry. With the VGrind 360E VOLLMER expands its portfolio for machining carbide tools such as cutters, drills or reamers. The E model possesses all the key functions and highlights of the previous VGrind 360, but has been adapted in the area of automation and is offered without a tool magazine but has internal workpiece automation. The model also has a modified design and a more compact control panel.

The VGrind 360E boasts the tried-and-tested double spindle technology of the previous machine and the interior is also identical to that of the VGrind 360 – i.e. it offers the same dimensions for tool machining. Thanks to the proven precision technology, tools can be machined in the same quality and time as with the VGrind 360. With the adaptations to automation, design and control panel, VOLLMER can introduce the E model to the market at a considerably lower price. The machine was primarily developed for tool grinding in service companies, tool manufacturers with smaller batches and end users.

"We adapted the VGrind 360 to different requirements and markets in order to make tool grinding flexible", states Dr. Stefan Brand, CEO of VOLLMER in Biberach. "With the VGrind 360E we can achieve high precision at the cutting edge and do this at an attractive price-performance ratio for all markets worldwide."

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