Rosenheim students learn about sharpening technology at VOLLMER 10/25/2018

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On 1st October 2018, around 250 students began their studies at the Faculty of Wood Technology and Construction at the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences. The budding engineers not only benefit from theoretical lessons but also from shared knowledge that is geared towards practical applications. To achieve this, the Rosenheim students collaborate closely with companies from the wood industry, including Biberach-based sharpening specialist VOLLMER. The machine construction company develops grinding and erosion machines for sharpening circular saw blades and machining tools for woodworking and metalworking. Several of VOLLMER's machines are located at Rosenheim and, once a year, up to 15 Master's students also travel to Biberach to spend a week studying sharpening technology there.

"Our many partners enable us to give our students an insight into the everyday work of the modern wood industry at an early stage of their studies – whether this involves innovative wood construction, materials technology or tool machining," states Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frieder Scholz from the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences. "With VOLLMER, we are supported by a company which teaches our students about the precise machining of circular saws and rotary tools – a process that takes place right at the very beginning of the wood industry's value chain."

International practical placement week at VOLLMER
At the end of July 2018, 15 students from the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences travelled to Biberach to spend a week at VOLLMER. At the sharpening specialist, the budding engineers learned through theory and practice about which critical factors are required to ensure the precise machining of circular saw blades and diamond tools. The practical placement week is part of the Wood Technology Master's programme and is designed to give students a chance to experience the everyday work of the modern wood industry at the company itself. At VOLLMER, the international group of students – hailing from India, Pakistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Iran and Germany – found out about the role that tool sharpening plays in the wood industry and in research and industrial projects.

Wood construction throughout the entire value chain
The academic education at the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences covers the entire value chain involved in woodworking, starting with the extraction of raw materials and preparation, right through to the manufacture of products such as windows, furniture or prefabricated houses. Circular saws and machining tools, such as drills and milling cutters, are used in all steps of the process. At VOLLMER, students learn about how grinding and erosion machines ensure high quality and precision, and a long operating life for the tools – whether the focus is on wood technology, wood construction, fit-out or interior finishing. 

"We are active in schools and universities to get young people interested in technology and sciences at this early stage of their lives," explains Dr Stefan Brand, CEO of VOLLMER in Biberach. "We have been cooperating with the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences for several decades, not only to impart our knowledge but also for the benefit of our own research and development work for new sharpening technologies."

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