Highly-precise erosion and tool grinding machines Solutions for rotary tools

Metals and lightweight materials are essential in many industry sectors, such as the car manufacturing and aerospace industries. These materials, as well as highly abrasive laminates and other materials in the woodworking industry, can only be machined economically by particularly high-performance, high-precision tools. The rotary tools used for this machining are manufactured from carbide or PCD blanks, or are equipped with PCD cutting edges. VOLLMER offers sharpening machines that are controlled accordingly by CNC technology for both tool types.

The sharpening process plays a key role in the manufacture of drills, milling cutters and chippers made of PCD or carbide. This is because it determines the tool's level of precision and service life, as well as being the definitive mark of quality. It also sets the highest standards for the tool grinding machines used for their manufacture or machining.

VOLLMER erosion and grinding machines meet these high quality standards.

Overview of the machines for the manufacture and machining of tools

Advantages of VOLLMER erosion and tool grinding machines

Whether for machining PCD or carbide, drills or milling cutters: VOLLMER erosion and grinding machines offer key advantages for the production of rotary tools:


  • Maximum precision
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Best possible surface quality
  • Little grinding effort


With VOLLMER erosion machines, tool manufacturers in the erosion market can produce small batches of PCD tools to a very high level of precision. VOLLMER grinding machines also provide fast processing times for producing large batches of carbide tools.

Do you want to see for yourself the capabilities of the VOLLMER grinding and erosion machines for PCD and carbide tools?

Come to a demonstration at our Technology and Training Centre in Biberach!

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