CHP 1300 Universal sharpening machine for carbide-tipped circular saw blades up to 1300 mm in diameter


The CHP range is incredibly versatile and flexible, making it the number one choice when it comes to sharpening circular saws in saw mills, solid wood processing and furniture manufacture.

  • Thanks to the four CNC-controlled axes, almost all available tooth geometries can be fully machined in a single cycle. This also applies to saws with axial angles and group toothing
  • The oscillation grinding function, which comes as standard, enables high material removal rates in just one cycle, which is perfect when machining repair teeth, for example
  • A motorised hook and clearance angle adjustment automatically allows for the smooth and rapid switchover from tooth face to tooth top on the machine
  • The sophisticated advanced movement coordination helps reduce the grinding and non-productive times
  • The fact that the machine design does not include hydraulic components reduces the amount of maintenance required by some considerable margin
  • Central lubrication is automatic, helping to reduce the maintenance requirements even further. This function is included as part of the basic equipment


With its carefully considered and flexible machine concept, the CHP can be used equally effectively for machining wood, aluminium, plastic and metal within workshop-based circular saw blade sharpening applications. On that basis, it comes highly recommended for saw mills, sharpening services and small-batch production.

Plus, the feed pawl is installed in the CHP transversely with pneumatic lift especially for the machining of clamping segments, which are often fastened to sharpening devices manufactured specially for this purpose using a reinforcing ring.  

  • The blade clamping mechanism opens extra-wide as standard for saws with a collar or reinforcing ring.
  • A second feed pawl can be included if required for machining tooth pitches up to 180 mm
  • Another option is a hollow face grinding device for machining hollow face saws


In true VOLLMER style, the CHP range features an impressively sophisticated operating concept that makes work as pleasant as possible for users. The new multifunction handwheel is right at the centre, simplifying and speeding up operation.

  • Just one module is required to select and move axes, making incorrect operation a thing of the past.  In automatic mode, the handwheel can also be used to adjust the speed with flexibility.
  • Different grinding speeds are required for different surfaces, so there is the option of entering these variably. The result is optimised machining times and surface quality.
  • There is no longer a need to register the tooth pitch with painstaking care, as the feed pawl with smart sensor takes care of that for you.
  • Thanks to the digital recording, the hook and clearance angles are set correctly automatically, which cuts back on the number of errors.


  • PRODUCTIVE: Thanks to the improved grinding times, extremely precise results and smart operating concept – for workshop-orientated working.
  • FAIR: Excellent performance-to-cost ratio
  • FLEXIBILITY: Machine all tooth geometries in a single cycle with four CNC axes – even when working with metal.

Sharpening machine for circular saws // VOLLMER CHP 840 and CHP 1300


CHP 840 // CHP 1300
CHP 840 // CHP 1300

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