CHF 270 Complete side machining


A machine concept designed to meet the highest standards in grinding the tooth sides of carbide-tipped circular saw blades. With the CHF 270, you get a machining tool with outstanding qualities: As a standalone machine or with automatic loading for saw blade production. The seven CNC axes are compactly and robustly mounted on a central main structure (monoblock design). This ensures maximum stability, quiet running and precision for all tooth geometries.

Product advantages

Each saw blade is positioned automatically as it moves into the grinding position regardless of its diameter. A measuring sensor then determines the tooth geometry, such as the hook angle, radial and tangential clearance angles, cutting width, blade thickness and side projection. A high degree of precision is essential for ensuring accurate grinding results at a later stage.


VOLLMER's control technology makes it exceptionally easy to operate this machine. The grinding programs, including those for convex tooth sides, are already integrated as standard and can be set and accessed using the menus on the control panel. The clear text on the LCD colour display, supported by graphics, guides operators through the program and also provides them with important information to help them rapidly eliminate any faults that may occur. It is possible to programme a saw blade while another one is still being machined.

Sharpening saws by the Yellow Sea

Hwaseong lies on the coast of the Yellow Sea in South Korea – approximately 50 kilometres from Seoul. The region is a popular sunny holiday destination and has also made sporting headlines. Cha Bum-kun – the best Asian footballer of the 20th century – was born here in 1953. In the 1980s, he played over 300 games in the Bundesliga and scored almost 100 goals for Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayer Leverkusen.

Dutch company sharpens circular saws with Swabian technology

Dutch company Kinkelder has made a name for itself on the global arena with its carbide-tipped circular saw blades, high-speed steel circular saw blades and segmental circular saw blades. For producing and resharpening saw blades, Kinkelder has a fleet of more than 20 sharpening machines manufactured by Swabian grinding and erosion machine specialists VOLLMER. The VOLLMER CHD, CHF and CM sharpening machines are among their most recent acquisitions.


CHF 270
CHF 270

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