Practical semester: Investigation into ways of turning components/assemblies for further machining/installation

Department: Development, control and drive technology area

Duration: To be agreed (around six months)

Time frame: Winter semester 2018/2019


Aim of the project: The aim of the project is to connect EtherCAT I/O terminals to an IoT gateway.

These exciting tasks are waiting for you:

  • Creating and implementing a concept for porting an EtherCAT master on a Linux system with ARM hardware.
  • Connecting to a microservices architecture on the basis of docker container technology in a functional way.
  • Integrating the EtherCAT master into a microservices environment.
  • Developing a user interface in Node-RED using a specific application.

Let's see if you're the perfect fit for us!

  • You are studying Electrical Engineering or a similar subject
  • You have a good understanding of high-level programming (ideally in C/C++) and scripting languages (JavaScript and TypeScript).
  • You already have some initial experience in fieldbuses, e.g. EtherCAT and Linux systems. You are also familiar with container technologies (ideally dockers).
  • You are a good team player who is committed, willing to learn and happy to work hard.

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