Two in one: VHybrid 360 masters grinding and eroding 18.09.2019

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Sharpening specialist VOLLMER will present its new VHybrid 360 Grinding and Erosion machine at the EMO 2019 metalworking trade show. This machine combines technologies and experience that VOLLMER has gained in the fields of grinding and eroding over many decades. It can be used to machine Solid carbide or PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tools in one set-up. The VHybrid 360 not only provides tool manufacturers with high efficiency for reduced machining times, but also maximum precision. A wide range of automatic settings enable unmanned use of the machine around the clock. With the new VOLLMER tool manager, users can manage the automatic switching of up to eight grinding or eroding wheels intuitively.

For grinding and eroding tools
VOLLMER, the Swabian specialist in grinding and erosion machines, will celebrate the launch of its VHybrid 360 Grinding and Erosion machine at EMO 2019. Tool manufacturers can use the VHybrid 360 to grind and erode carbide and PCD tools like drills, milling cutters or reamers in one combined set-up. The VHybrid 360 is based on multi-layer machining, which is implemented through two vertically arranged spindles. Here, VOLLMER is using the tried-and-tested technology of its VGrind grinding machine series. With the VHybrid 360, the bottom spindle can be used both for grinding and for eroding, while the top spindle is reserved exclusively for grinding.

Combines the best of two worlds
With the VHybrid 360, VOLLMER has not only combined the best of both worlds for grinding and eroding, but it has also further developed proven technologies. From the world of erosion, VOLLMER has incorporated knowledge gained through more than three decades of working with wire erosion and wheel erosion machines from different model series. The key component is the VPulse EDM erosion generator, which sets new standards when it comes to efficiency and surface quality. From the world of grinding, the ultra-modern machine concept of the VGrind series ensures high precision in tool machining: Both spindles of the VHybrid 360 are arranged vertically in the pivot point of the C axis, which guarantees high profile accuracy and enables exact grinding and eroding processes. In addition, the tool machining times can be reduced thanks to the shorter linear-axis travel distances as well as the unique spindle arrangement.

Makes tool production more flexible
The VHybrid 360 can be used to produce different machine tools, which are used for machining procedures with materials such as wood, metal or composite materials. The VOLLMER machine gives tool manufacturers the flexibility to perform fully-fledged grinding and eroding processes on standard and special tools – regardless of whether the blanks are made of carbide, sintered PCD or brazed diamond tips. The machine can be used for tools with diameters of up to 50 mm and lengths of up to 360 mm. Depending on the configuration of the grinding wheels or rotary electrodes, larger diameters are also possible. An optionally available steady rest ensures stability for long tools. A new five-axis control guarantees precise execution of the grinding and eroding processes.

Is easy to operate and enables unmanned operation
A range of automation solutions enables unmanned machining around the clock: For example, the HC4 chain magazine can hold up to 39 HSK 63A Tool holders. In addition, up to eight grinding and eroding wheels including coolant supply can be exchanged fully automatically – in a process managed in the VHybrid 360 by the newly developed VOLLMER tool manager for the first time. With this, machine operators can select the grinding and electrode sets intuitively and easily using drag and drop.

The combined grinding and erosion machine is operated based on the established VOLLMER control panel concept with height-adjustable and pivoting touchscreen. The grinding and eroding processes are programmed, simulated and monitored via the ExLevel PRO 3D software. The axes can be selected and moved with the VOLLMER multifunction handwheel. In addition, the machine has a dressing device for rotary electrodes and an integrated wheel probe for ultra-precise calibration of the grinding and eroding wheel packages in the process.

"Tool manufacturers today are often development partners for their customers and are involved in the tool planning phase from the outset in order to achieve efficient machining of a wide range of materials," says Dr Stefan Brand, CEO of the VOLLMER Group. "And whether carbide or diamond tools are required, the hybrid machining technologies in our VHybrid 360 enable precise machining of a variety of rotary tools, such as drills, milling cutters or reamers."

Two in one: VHybrid 360 masters grinding and eroding
Two in one: VHybrid 360 masters grinding and eroding

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